Why Study In UK Universities

The UK is a diverse and multicultural place which is home to several thousand international students each year. Academic standards and teaching environment are very high. UK is one of the most preferred locations for the students for higher studies because UK has so many prestigious and reputed universities. Let us take a look what are the reasons behind why study in UK has become very popular nowadays?

For Global Recognition
The top most universities in UK offers high quality and world-class degrees and qualifications which are recognised around the globe. Academic standards in the UK are very high and students equipped with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from any university in UK is held in high esteem all over the world. You will also get better career prospects and higher salary after completing your studies.

Wide Range of Courses Available
You can find each and every course of your interest. There are around 180 institutes which are offering degree courses in almost every stream. There are over 500 colleges of higher education and more than 600 boarding schools in the UK which have degrees in everything from Art History to Journalism. Courses like business studies and administration, Information technology and engineering are very popular. There are more than 185000 students coming to UK for their post graduate degree from around the world and this figure is rising every year.

The World Class Teaching Standard
All the universities in UK have their unique teaching methods. Students are encouraged to not just understand their subjects but work independently and create their own thinking. Students can direct interact with their teachers and can share their ideas and points of views. The colleges and teaching staff create a healthy environment in which students can discuss their problems about their studies as well. They build confidence in the students and also help them to grow up their personality. These unique methods of teaching make study in UK a popular study destination for foreign students.

Short Duration of Study
The other factor which makes UK a heaven for students is that most of the UK post-graduation degrees can be completed in one year unlike USA and Australian Universities. Therefore, students have to pay fees only for one year. By this, you can also save your time and money.

Working while studying
If you are aged 16 or older you can work up to 10 hours a week. If you have student immigration permission that allows you to take employment, you can do most kinds of work. However, you must not:

  • be self-employed
  • be employed as a professional sportsperson or sports coach
  • be employed as an entertainer
  • take a permanent full-time job.

English language learning
English is an important part of your future career because it is widely regarded as the language of business. Studying in UK helps you learn the language through your study, friends and everyday life.

UK has one of the lowest drop-out rates.
Dropping out means leaving a school or group for practical reasons, necessities, or disillusionment with the system from which the individual in question leaves. Due to high-class facilities and quality standard, UK has least drop-out rate.

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