For architecture students there is nothing better than visiting new places, old monuments, observing different infrastructures and architectural styles to bring out the creativity and interest for the subject and this is best possible by sightseeing and studying in a different country where there are various different infrastructures to look and learn from.

Studying architecture abroad makes you a great problem solver, helps you think outside the box and discover what you are capable off. You will be attending history classes, theory and technology as well as specialized computer design tutorials. Essay writing will be needed with your architectural degrees along with visiting significant buildings and other architectural sites.

Some of the best places to study architecture abroad are: UK, Ireland, USA, UAE, Europe, France, Spain, Netherlands, China, Australia, Japan, etc. Most of the top universities that have the best architecture programs are in Europe but UAE and Asia also have some great options for international and Indian students.

International students also get opportunities to network with architectural firms, learn new languages and gain maximum experience through their portfolios.

Depending on the countries and universities, a Bachelors in Architecture (BA or BSc.) can be completed in three to four years and a Masters can be completed in a span of two years. In the UK the qualifications include ARB/RIBA (Architects Registration Board. Royal Institute of British Architects). You will also need practical training. After completing the various stages you will get a B.Arch or Dip.Arch qualification.

Some of the specializations are: Urban Planner, Architectural History, Architectural Engineering, Architecture Design, Interior Architecture, Architecture technology, Landscape Architecture,

Below are some Careers that students can consider once they have completed their degree in Architecture:

1.           Landscape Architecture

2.           Lighting Architecture

3.           Research Architect

4.           Restoration Architect

6.           Extreme Architect

7.           Specs /writer

8.           BIM Manager

9.           Project Manager

10.         Interior Designer

11.         Workplace Consultant, etc.

Intelligent Partners overseas education consultants’ team have helped and are helping international students to secure admissions in the top architecture universities. Furthermore, the services that Intelligent Partners Educational Consultancy provides are:

•            Course & university selection based on your needs

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•            Choosing the right course

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•            University Application Submission

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•            IELTS test booking

•            Latest updates on Scholarships, post-study work visas and job opportunities

•            24/7 counselor helpline

•            Student study Visa guidance

•            Finding accommodation

•            Overseas Student Health Cover

•            Transferring money

•            Financial and banking advice

•            Pre-departure assistance to help you understand all about the culture they follow before you travel abroad

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