Study Abroad: What Student have to Say on Studying Abroad

As an international college counselor, we are often asked “why study abroad?” We list some of the reasons to study overseas a part from the obvious valuable benefits including opportunities of living in a new place to experience a new and exciting culture.

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Quality of Education

The quality of education, the manner and style it is approached will be totally unlike what you have studied in your own country. Multitude options are available for you to choose from, new topics to expand your knowledge and interests. Universities abroad offer a number of diverse clubs which you should join to discover new passions.

Learning a new language

The chance to learn a new language and practice it every day adds a new element to your personality and your resume.

Experiencing a new culture

Living in a country with different foods, lifestyle and social customs gives you a broader understanding of the world. The chance to see the world, museums, landmarks and customs is very exciting.

Career benefits

Your experience of studying abroad, adapting to a new country, studying in a world recognized university, augments your resume and personality. It shows your aptitude to handle different and diverse conditions. Many students do part time work and internships alongside their studies which is very advantageous for their future career.

Expanding your circle of friends

Most students don’t realize the biggest benefits of studying abroad is making friends from all over the world. This not only expands your friends circle but helps you later professionally through the alumni networking.

Admissions for Graduate School

When applying for graduate programs in international universities, look at students who have studied abroad favorably. The colleges like students who have studied abroad as someone who has handled new challenges and dissimilar environments well. Studying abroad also shows your commitment to educating yourself.

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