The University & College Application Services (UCAS) is the online centralized application portal for all domestic, international & Indian students who wish to apply for their UK university admissions. UCAS is mainly used for undergraduate college/university applications however there are some universities that accept the applications for master’s degrees as well, through UCAS.

Why apply with us?

Intelligent Partners Education Consultants is an official partner with UCAS and this gives us all the latest information about admissions, deadlines, etc.  We can apply for students using our own buzzword which makes the application process extremely easy for students. There are multiple benefits of applying through our study abroad consultancy but the most important is that our university/college consultants are trained by UCAS and British Council. You can upload your LOR and predicted grades with your UK study abroad consultants help to insure there are no mistakes.

We work with students to make sure deadlines, timelines are met, guide on how to write your personal statements and which universities to select. Our study abroad consultants check your application before submitting it to make sure there are no errors.

Not only while applying in fact after the university/college application submission we can track the progress on your offers, any pending requirements, and deadlines to accept the offers through the Intelligent Partners consultancy UCAS portal. 

UCAS has different deadlines for applying to Oxford & Cambridge and for medicine, dentistry, veterinary courses. Some Art & Design courses in UK may have a different deadline.

Our UK College consultants are trained by universities in the UK on what subjects students should take in high school for different programs, what internships / voluntary work experience are needed, how to prepare their art & design portfolio’s and how and whom to get teacher reference letters from.

In conclusion Intelligent Partners education consultants are a huge help to you in your UCAS application. Do not delay and contact us ASAP for your UK university application