Why Do Internships While At School

Finding a company who will offer an internship experience while at school can be challenging as most companies are not looking for high school students! If you do manage to get an internship; it requires you to be dedicated, firm and focused with a strong work ethic. The challenge is worth taking as you gain a real world job experience that no book or class can ever substitute.


5 reasons for you to undertake an internship while at school:


1.   Interning helps redefine your career goals and determine your field of interest


2.   Interning builds your skills and provides hands on experience beneficial to your future career



3.   Internships are useful additions to boost your resume


4.   Interning improves your college/scholarship applications and sets you apart from the rest of the applicants



5.   Interning gives you invaluable resources (industry connections, Letters of reference)


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