What Teacher’s say about Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), the name means ‘‘the top of the tent’’ and is part of the UAE’s Emirates with a number of Western expats. The Emirate’s isn’t largely populated, with an estimate of a little less than 300,000 residents, out of which 50% are expats. The city has a lot of history and evidence of trade for thousands of years. It has over 60 km of clear blue water, white sandy beaches and the Hajjar Mountains.

RAK has four different landscapes impressive mountains, plains, beaches and mangroves and the desert. It has a desert climate with mild winters. RAK is located about 89 km from the Dubai city which is just over an hour’s drive away. Not everyone has heard about it, but the city has sufficient amount to offer teachers and their families.

We asked some expat teachers what they think of RAK.

  • Teachers achieve a better work life balance unlike bigger cities.
  • They say teaching in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is not very hectic and therefore giving you more time for the family and an outdoor active life. The small number of expats builds stronger community bonding and a number of activities like hiking in the mountains, wadi bashing, diving and playing golf.
  • Teachers say that expats meet on weekends at Al Hamrah. Many hotels offer themed nights which are popular and brunches on the weekends.
  • RAK has expat groups where you attend meetings to make more friends and check out events taking place in RAK.
  • Many expats mentioned, you get to know your neighbors and keep bumping into the same people all over the town, developing more friendships unlike larger cities.

There are malls, cinema halls and restaurants. If you want more shopping options then you can drive down to Dubai or Abu Dhabi over the weekends.

Education in RAK is continuously growing and developing. There are a number of Public schools and some International Private schools. Private schools and universities have started opening up and now have growing demand from the citizens of the Emirate.

RAK currently has around ten International higher educational institutes and many Private/International schools with different curriculums such as American, British, Arabic and Indian. Typical qualifications for teaching set by the Ministry of Education are a Bachelor’s degree in the teaching related field and any Diploma or Certificate in Education.

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