Intelligent Partners, the Best Education Consultants in Dubai offers VIRTUAL INTERNSHIPS opportunities to high school and university students to build their future career and college admission chances without commuting, at the ease of their homes.

Virtual Internship/Online Internship/Remote Internship is a great opportunity for students in UAE and the Mena region to work with the top companies across the globe to support innumerable projects which include business projects, website designing, market reports, financial assessments and much more. This has never been offered before for students in UAE and the Middle East and Intelligent Partners is excited to offer it to international schools and students.

Virtual internships are available for high school students & university students. It will be done remotely, online, teleworking and telecommuting.

The internship placement will be in the career field of your choice. It offers a 360° professional development support with an assigned Internship coach and two coaching calls. Also it ensures international focused guides for you to get the most out of your experience.

The benefits of a virtual internship are:

  • Global Connections
  • Time Management & Discipline
  • Gain Academic Credit
  • Remote Work Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Competences
  • Accessibility