Top Malaysian University Visiting Intelligent Partners

Intelligent Partners is happy to announce the visit of a leading Australian University in Malaysia on the 27th January 2016.


Curtin Malaysia

Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia, ranked 30th in Malaysia, commenced in 1999 as the offshore campus of Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. Located in Miri, Sarawak, Curtin Sarawak is the first overseas university campus to be set up in East Malaysia. The Sarawak campus has an international student population of 3,500 from more than 40 countries.

Curtin offers a range of industry-aligned undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, humanities, health, engineering and related sciences.

As the courses are identical in structure to those offered at the main campus in Perth, students can transfer between campuses without disruption to their studies.

Areas of Study for Students:

  • Media
  • Mass Communication
  • Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Computer Systems and Networking

Curtin Sarawak has always fostered successful partnerships with industry, business and government to enhance the quality of the scholarship, teaching and research. Curtin will continue to develop existing partnerships and to establish new ones in areas relevant to the research and teaching.

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