Top 5 Most Highly Paid Medical Careers


Anesthesiologists are doctors who specialise in the pain management of surgical patients. They examine patients and determine what type and how much anaesthesia to administer, as well as actually administering the anaesthesia, monitoring its efficacy, and making adjustments as needed during surgical procedures.

As part of the surgical team, they ensure patients feel no pain by administering drugs and monitoring patient vital signs. Outside of the operating room, they help with pain management during intensive care, labour and delivery, and for those suffering from chronic pain.


Surgeons specialise in operating on patients in order to cure, repair, or remove disease or injury. With the help of a surgical team, they use their hands and various instruments to manipulate organs and structures within the body.

Though many perform general surgery, others concentrate on specialities such as plastic surgery or cardiovascular surgery. Because the human body is so complex surgeons often specialise and become an expert on specific body parts or regions. Cardiac and neurosurgeons are the highest paid of all surgeon specialities, followed closely by oral surgeons and then trauma and general surgeons.


Obstetricians specialise in women’s health, specifically the treatment and diagnosis of issues related to the female reproductive system. Gynaecologists focus even more on pregnancy and childbirth. The professions often overlap and OB/GYNs can choose to specialise in areas such as fertility, cancer, primary care, hormonal disorders and menopause. They can act as general practitioners or internists for women.


Orthodontists are specialised dentists focusing on the prevention and treatment of irregularities in the teeth, jaw relationships, and facial structure around the mouth. They’re responsible for prescribing and applying braces, retainers, and other corrective medical devices as well as performing cosmetic treatments to enhance physical appearance, such as closing unsightly gaps between teeth.


Internists focus on the non-surgical treatment of disorders and diseases of the internal organs. They usually focus on adults only and often provide long-term, comprehensive care to patients and deal with both acute and chronic illnesses as well as overlapping and coexistent diseases. They focus on the internal organs such as kidneys, liver and the digestive tract.

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