The Perfect CV or Resume for Teachers

When applying for an International teaching job, it is very easy to stick to the same old trusted format which is a mistake for International schools. Your CV / resume should showcase your key abilities, skills, experiences, education with confidence. Technology is changing every day therefore the format of CV /resume will also be changing. Some schools might ask you for a video CV’s/ resume.

Teacher’s CV / resume should be revamped and updated with all your recent achievements and should be according to what International schools are looking for. Make sure it is complete and provides the details of all academic and research experiences. Resumes /CV’s need to stand out and show you as the ideal teacher for the job. Don’t forget there are a large number of teachers from around the world with similar qualifications applying for the same positions.

Recent studies have shown that hiring managers spend just six seconds when looking at CV’s / resumes before deciding whether the applicant is worth talking to for the available role(s). Teachers are normally asked to send a digital copy of their CV /Resume which makes it even more important that teachers make sure that the requirements for the position are included in their CV’s / resume.

Here are my top 4 tips for making your CV /resume stand out:

1. Enhance your contact information

As mentioned earlier, hiring managers get inundated with a number of excellent teachers CVs every day. If you finally manage to catch the hiring manager’s attention, it would do a world of good to be accessible. I have often come across CVs with no contact information, wrongly spelt email addresses or inaccurate mobile numbers in addition too, no country codes for dialing! Cross-check every contact detail and hyperlink your email address so you are just one click away!

2. Capture Your Reader’s Attention

There is indeed nothing worse than a boring CV. Use the appropriate font sizes (too big is tacky and too small will only make your CV unreadable) and make sure to highlight (use bold font and colors) important sections such as contact information, job titles, achievements, awards, etc. which will make them standout.

3. Write the perfect Summary

Remember, no one has the time to read through and find out if you were on the chess team or not. Make thoughtful use of space (experts say the perfect CV should be no longer than two pages) by making sure only the most important and relevant information are on your CV. Your CV should tell your story in your own unique way. You do not want your summary to look like it was simply copied off a sample CV you Googled!

4. Be tactical, make your way past the gatekeeper!

This is probably the most important advice of all. Almost every company now utilizes some form of ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This software is designed to automatically filter out irrelevant CV by searching for only specific CVs that have certain keywords. No matter how amazing you are, if your CV does not have these “buzzwords” your CV/ resume very likely will not be read. Give yourself the best chance by taking time to read the job description and finding out exactly what skills the school are looking for. Insert these requirements in your CV and you’ll make it past the gatekeeper!


Tailor your resume/ CV for the job rather than sending a generic one. Use simple language and see that all relevant experiences are included. You must add a photograph. Don’t forget to check and double check with spell check and ask Intelligent Partners for more tips.

If you are a teacher who wants to take your career to a different level, check out our teaching job vacancies in UAE our consultants will be happy to hear from you!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, implement these 4 tips and revert to us with your feedback on what the responses are!

Happy job hunting!

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