Should I Teach Abroad?

So many reasons you should teach aboard. Ask any teacher teaching internationally and the answer will be a resounding YES!! Living and teaching overseas is an excellent career move and can only change your life positively.

You grow professionally in different exotic locales. You become more adaptable as international schools work differently. Every day is an adventure, new modes of transportation, new markets and new cuisines!

Pic Courtesy: Primeteachers.com

You understand different cultures and learn to live with different people. You become unbiased and you get a whole new viewpoint on education and life. You will be able to meet locals and interact with them to understand more about their country. This is very different from just visiting a country as a tourist!

International schools cater to multicultural expatriates coming from diverse environments. Your work experience is going to stand out in your resume/ CV for other employers. Studies say that people who travel are more intelligent, flexible and problem solvers and this will show because of your teaching job abroad.

Make friends with other teachers from all parts of the globe opens up a network of contacts. You increase your interests and knowledge on nationalities and religions.

International schools pay very competitive tax free salaries, with additional benefits like accommodation, round-trip airfares, health insurance and much more.

Teaching in International schools offers a comfortable lifestyle with enough savings and not to forget opportunities to travel. You could try and learn the local language. Many schools offer discounted rates for learning the local language.

Meeting children from all over the world and making a difference in their lives. With good communication skills you are able to pass on knowledge to students. The new environment will also help you get more insights on teaching.

You don’t need to speak the local language as International schools use English as their medium of instruction.

You can learn different things in your spare time; scuba diving, cooking Arabic food, the Tango!

Taking a teaching job abroad takes a lot of initiative. Adjusting to the different culture, languages, food makes you develop management skills and independence.

Welcome to a world of teaching abroad full of excitement and accomplishment.

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