Tips on filling the Teacher Application Forms

Before you start filling in the teacher’s online application form, do read through the application, perfect candidates also need perfect applications! Take time to complete it and make sure you attach all the supporting documents asked for. Send in the forms well before the deadlines.

Read the job requirements:

Make sure to mention the position you are applying for. You can check our website and go through all the positions that are available through Intelligent Partners. All the positions will have the mandatory job requirements. Even if you can’t find one matching your profile we encourage you to apply because we have many positions opening up all the time.

Application should be complete:

The application form has various questions for a purpose. We work with schools in the Middle East and Africa to recruit teachers, as well as help teachers looking for teaching positions in the Middle East and Africa. That’s why we need all the information on the application forms, to make sure you are an appropriate candidate for our clients and the teaching aboard job.

Read through to make sure you have put in all your qualifications and all previous jobs.

If you have not answered all the questions, it will take longer to send your resume / CV to the schools.

Keep your resume updated:

It’s important that you keep your resume / CV updated with your latest job details and experience including the dates (when you started – and when you finished). Also, make sure that your resume layout is clean and organised so our recruiters can get a better understanding of your experience as a teacher.

Attach your picture:

Make sure your resume/ CV contains an updated picture of you, passport size photograph is preferred, a simple, clear head-shot.

Re-read the application before pressing the submit button. Recheck if all dates are filled in properly.

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