Teacher’s Minimum Qualification Criteria Required to Teach at International Schools Abroad

Many aspiring licensed teachers want to teach abroad but are unaware of the exact qualifications they require or what experience they need. These two issues depend on which country and the subjects you want to teach because each country has various government licensing authorities who need to give approval for that particular country.


The various factors you should keep in mind while thinking about teaching abroad are:

  • Language requirements

Most teachers do not know how to speak a foreign language which is why they are hesitant on applying for a teaching job vacancy abroad. Knowing the local language is not necessary; International schools use English as their medium of instruction. Schools look for candidates who are English speakers. Native English speakers who have a high level of fluency in English are sought after.

  • Educational requirements

The typical list of educational qualifications nearly all International schools require would be a Bachelor’s degree in a specific subject, Masters of Education, PGCE, PGDE or Qualified Teachers Status. Keep in mind that these degrees may or may not be acceptable in few countries as government policies vary so according to the country you wish to teach in, check the qualifications requirement of that country from your recruiter.

For example, the educational requirements to work as a teacher in UAE would be:

? Graduate of a regionally or internationally accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree

? Native English speaking

? Certified/licensed as a teacher in home country or from country of College/University degree Elementary Education (K     – 5) teachers need an Elementary Education license/certification

? Minimum of two years teaching experience

  • Strong Considerations:

? Advanced coursework and degrees (Masters (M.A), Education Specialist (Ed.S.), or Doctorate (Ed.D., Ph.D. and J.D.)     from a recognized accredited or national university

? Successful prior experience in teaching in UAE or other Middle East countries

? Experience teaching in American Common Core curriculum

? Experience teaching in an International Baccalaureate School

? Experience in teaching High Scope Early Childhood Programs

  • Certification requirements

Most schools do require certification for specific subjects or just a general certificate of teaching. If you don’t have this there is nothing to be disheartened of. If a teacher holds valuable experience in a particular subject or field, the certificate just becomes another piece of paper. Check these requirements with Intelligent Partners recruiters who will be able to guide you.

  • Experience

Teachers who have had no experience teaching internationally would definitely think that their chances of getting a job abroad are minimal. But every experienced teacher needs their first experience and it’s time to have yours now! International schools do not require teachers to have taught internationally what they do require is a minimum of 2 years’ experience in teaching.

  • After all it’s a small world with big possibilities!

Once you have gained your first experience teaching abroad, it opens you to additional possibilities and makes your future placements considerably easier. The recommendations and references you will receive from your first job internationally will help you aim for the more reputed schools.

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