Teaching Jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait is about 18 thousand square miles (making it smaller than the state of New Jersey) with a population of 4 million. It borders the Persian Gulf between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Arabic is the official language though English is widely spoken. The World Bank has identified Kuwait as a high income economy and it a major non NATO ally of the United States.

The country is has plenty of archeological sites, expanses of dessert and the pretty shoreline of the Arabian Gulf. Falcons is the national bird and images are found on stamps and currencies. Interestingly the Kuwait national anthem has no words and is solely of melody. Kuwaiti’s are mainly employed in the government and public sectors. There are no railways in Kuwait with the majority of the population living along the coastal region. As Kuwait has no rivers or lakes it uses well water and desalinates sea water for drinking and other purposes. If you are thinking of teaching in Kuwait you need to be adaptable, open and have knowledge of Arabic society and traditions.

Kuwait has a number of American, British and English private schools and most private schools have English instruction with curriculum bases on American and English international school models. Kuwaitis can afford private education and many Kuwaiti children attend International Private Schools.

School job opportunities are in Elementary, Middle and Secondary levels at International Private Schools in Kuwait. Schools look for licensed teachers with no less than 1-2 years of experience. Teachers with experience as department head might be considered for leadership/management roles.

Teaching Jobs Criteria: Teachers must have 1-2 years of teaching experience and a regional teaching license or certificate.


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Salary and Benefits for Kuwait teaching jobs:

Teaching occupations in Kuwait offer a salary from 500 – 800 KWD/month (roughly $1,800 to $3,700) tax free. Leadership/ Management positions offer a higher pay depending on capabilities and experience

Most jobs in International Private Schools offer various advantages: Flight, Accommodation and Medical coverage. Schools may offer flight, insurance, discounted tuition for children.

Living and Working in Kuwait 

Living and working in Kuwait is very different from western countries. One of the essential contrasts is that alcohol is totally banned. Another is the fact that men outnumber woman. There are 150 men for every 100 women.

Summer tends be very hot with average highs of 44 degrees Celsius (112 Fahrenheit) with 19 degrees (66 degrees Fahrenheit) in December. Since Kuwait is one of the smallest nations in the world, there is no genuine contrast in temperature by area. Women should cover their shoulders and knees. Teachers will need to dress appropriately. There are plenty of shopping areas and private parties that have relaxed atmosphere like in western countries.

Food and Relaxation

Kuwaiti’s are family-orientated, hospitable and friendly. They spend time on exchanging stories and eating with friends. Homes will have a separate room for men to gather called the ‘Diwaniya’. Though many Kuwaiti’s wear traditional Arab clothing western style clothing is popular amongst the young people.

Kuwaiti’s eat with their right hand and leave some food on their plate so as to not make the host feel they are still hungry.

Given the number of nationalities teachers make a number of friends from around the world with an active social life.

Things to do in Kuwait

Teachers are allowed to explore the entire country as there are no travel restrictions. The Grand Mosque showcases world acclaimed design. The Scientific Center in Kuwait city, which is a blend of science-orientated gallery with an outdoor entertainment area. Built by the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, it can likewise be a blessing to any educators for lessons. The Kuwait Zoo has a huge zoological greenery enclosure that is an absolute necessity see. The Kuwait cove represents 40% of the state’s shoreline, it is home to numerous enticing shorelines with diving and water sports. 

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