Teaching In Al Ain

Al Ain is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates, although it is considered as a part of the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Al Ain is located almost 160 kilometers east of Abu Dhabi, and is about an hour away by car. It has a population of over 550,000. Al Ain is the birthplace of the first president of UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The city is sometimes referred to as the ‘Garden City’ due to the extent of its greenery.
If you’re thinking to start off a new life in a small city with international exposure; if you’re aspiring to have a different sense of the Arabian culture; if you’d like to have complete access to noisy and large cities, yet live in a green, quiet and peaceful place then Al Ain is the perfect city for you!


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Offering the best teaching opportunities in Al Ain


Working in the small city of Al Ain holds a completely different feeling. Transportation is available within the city, and between the city and other emirates. As per UAE federal law, all visitors and citizens of the country must have a medical insurance cover. Al Ain hosts the eastern zone headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), therefore, it holds the same rules and divisions as the education field in Abu Dhabi. The curriculums available are Arabic, British, American, and Indian. Typical qualification level for teaching set by ADEC is a Bachelor degree in the teaching-related field and any kind of diploma or certificate in education. If you are planning to teach English abroad in Al Ain, numerous opportunities are available. ADEC also sponsors training programs to aid teachers in professional development.


Al Ain is developing as a tourism destination; due to its dry desert climate, it becomes a welcome retreat away from the coastal humidity of the larger cities. Even Emirati nationals go there for vacations and usually have a ‘holiday house’ located nearby. The city is home to some national museums, a zoo, amusements parks, hotels, malls, authentic restaurants, and a range of water-based activities including surfing, kayaking and rafting. Al Ain also has an international go-kart circuit ‘Al Ain Raceway’ that was selected to host the 2007 Rotax Max World Karting Finals and more recently the 2011 Rotax Max World Karting Finals. Al Ain is mostly known for its oases. The city has seven oases, ranging from small-sized to large-sized,

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