Teaching In Abu-Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is situated on a T-shaped island on the central-western coast of the Persian Gulf and the northeastern part of the Arabian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula. The city came to be known as the capital of the United Arab Emirates in the 1970?s. It’s geographically the largest of the seven emirates, and the second largest in terms of population. The city has almost 400 kilometers of pristine coastline and possesses a desert climate, with sunny blue skies expected throughout the year. Abu Dhabi is the main seat of UAE’s Government and the home of the Royal Family and the President. Therefore, this city is the country’s center of industrial and political activities, and plays a major cultural and political role owing to its position as the Capital.
Abu Dhabi hosts a combination of more than one hundred nationalities, which makes for an exceptionally international culture, yet sustaining a strong Arabian foundation. If you wish to prosper in your career, if you want to catch your dreams in your fist, if you’re looking for safety, self-fulfillment, generosity and beauty at the same time, then don’t think twice, because Abu Dhabi is the right place for you!


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Offering the best teaching opportunities in Abu-Dhabi


One of the national airlines, Etihad Airways – established in 2003, took the city of Abu Dhabi as its hub, with over 1000 flights weekly to nearly 100 different destinations. Abu Dhabi International Airport is known as one of the most customer friendly airports around, and has won the ‘Best Airport in the Middle East’ award for the second year in a row. GCC citizens don’t require a visa to enter the country, however, all other nationalities require a visit, transit, residency or a tourism visa that can be obtained or directed through embassies, Etihad Airways, tourism agencies, and hotel bookings.


Living and getting around the city of Abu Dhabi is easy and fun. Taxis are plentiful and are reasonably priced; they can be flagged down at roadsides or booked by phone. Car rental companies are abundant and provide a variety of vehicles catering to individual interests. Public transportation buses are modern, air-conditioned, and surprisingly cheap. As per UAE federal law, all visitors, residents and citizens of the country must have a medical insurance cover. Abu Dhabi has been named the safest city in 2011 by Mercer Quality of Living Index.


Employees in Abu Dhabi are hardworking and diligent. They earn well in the workplace; Abu Dhabi is ranked as having the second highest salary rates in the region. This is the ideal place for teachers to find job vacancy in Abu Dhabi’s reputed schools and universities. The city’s atmosphere is prosperous, self-fulfilling, safe, warm, calm, generous, and caring, reflecting the main aspects of Arabian culture. The city is a perfect spot for starting off a life, reaching out to dreams, attaining goals, and raising a family.


Abu Dhabi maybe a city full of hardworking citizens, however, on weekends, national holidays, and vacations the city is easily turned into a leisure haven. Outings and activities include exploring the beauty of this city’s water through its wonderful beaches, water sports, cruising, sailing, fishing, and diving and experiencing the magnificence of the city’s desert through desert camping, off-road driving, desert safaris, dune bashing, sand boarding & skiing. On the one hand Abu Dhabi offers both the classical beauty of Arabian nights and contemporary thrills like theme parks at Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld, Big Bus and helicopter tours, and much more…

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