United States of America(USA)

-ADEC American teachers – USD $3,500 – USD $5,500
-Private International Schools – USD $2,700 – USD $3,800

In US, rules and procedures vary from state to state which is regulated by the Department of Education. The teaching license would be issued by your state.

– The US Embassy is located at the Airport Road at Rabdan (29th) Street – Embassies District, Plot 38, Sector W59-02, Street No. 4, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
– The Consulate General of the United States is located on the corner of Al Seef Rd., Unmmu Hurair 1, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE. A Consular, is an official appointed by their government who resides in another country to represent his country.
-It is important for you to know your Embassy /Consulate as they will help you through your residency and work requirements in the new country you are relocating to.

UAE has many American schools providing great quality of education.

You will be eligible to transfer your existing driving licence, without having to take a driving test if you have a valid driving license in the US. However, you have to be a US citizen with current resident status in UAE. You would have to go through few easy steps in order to convert your US license to UAE driving license. If you do not hold a US driving license, you have to undergo the normal procedure of getting your license.

Educational documents, Teaching licenses, Marriage certificates and Birth certificates (If there are any biological children) need to be attested by the US Attestation Services – http://www.usauthentication.com/intelligent-partners/

As compared to USA, the areas where UAE has lower costs than US are:
-Restaurant food
-Regular grocery products (Fruits and vegetables)
-Public transportation
-Electricity and water charges
-Local mobile plan charges
Rent in UAE is more expensive than US but, this depends on the Emirate you are shifting to and also the kind of apartment you require. Most of the American teachers we hire receive free accommodation along with a tax-free salary and other benefits.

US citizens have expat groups for all Americans which is located in Abu Dhabi, ‘Americans in Abu Dhabi’, ‘Abu Dhabi Expats’ & ‘American Women’s Network’. These assist new comers in the country and assist them with vital information and advice with no membership fee.


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