– We are based in Dubai and comprehend the local needs of schools and are therefore successful in finding the right match for teachers. Being locally based we can advice candidates on local culture and norms

-The positive testimonials given by teachers speak for themselves

-We help you through the entire process and will give you personalized attention

-We have over seven years of local experience working closely with reputed Private and Public schools

-Local International schools return back again and again to us because they are happy with the teachers we have recommended

-Our local presence lends expertise to our entire process, engaging schools with the right talent and educating candidates about the local culture


Hiring needs for schools vary each year. Even though several Private and Public schools have multiple campuses, the UAE continues to face a shortage of schools.

This leads us to believe the appetite to set up new schools remains unabated (subsequently leading to more vacancies).

In this scenario where schools are in a time crunch to establish themselves and simultaneously recruit qualified teachers from all over the world, the need for recruitment expertise is crucial.

This is where Intelligent Partners steps in and our local presence helps us understand the dynamics of every school, location, culture etc.


Due to socio economic engaging qualified teachers is always a challenge for several schools that follow the International Curriculums in Africa.

We understand their need and respect these schools for doing their best to provide for the teachers and are appreciative of teachers who choose to work with them.

Normally the school starts hiring from January for August / September start.
Few schools hire for mid-term January start, as well. This is ideal for teachers working in a country where the academic year runs from Jan to Dec.

Schools in Middle East and Africa are open to hiring couples but you both will have to apply separately to Intelligent Partners and our recruiters will keep it in mind, when submitting your resume /CV’s.

Please remember in the Middle East and Africa you need to be married to live together and have a valid marriage certificate which is authenticated by the respective embassy.

Our recruiters have placed a number of candidates in roles such as Head of Division, Assistant principal, Deputy Head Principal, Middle School Principal, Senior School Principal, Headmaster/ Headmistress in the region.

We advice teachers to register on our website and keep teachers informed about vacancies that match their profiles.

Once the profile is shortlisted by the client we shall arrange for interviews.

All our clients keep us in engaged till a teacher commences works, as this enables us to support
them with our expertise.

The Middle East and Africa visa regulations need you to have teaching certification that allows you to teach in Primary, Secondary schools in your country.

You may apply (register yourself) with us but it is advised that all qualification need to be complete before the day of interview with any of the schools.

Yes, you can still apply.

Lots of schools in Middle East and Africa have English as the medium of instruction.

As an English Medium Teacher you are expected to teach only in English.

The objective of hiring a Native English Speaker is that schools require teachers to have completed their education (ideally from Middle School level) from an English Speaking country.

This holds good for schools that follow curriculums such as British, American, Australian, IB etc.

Some schools in the Middle East have a preference for Arabic-English bilingual candidates who
can effectively teach Arabic students.

These teachers are expected to have good proficiency in English but need not necessarily be a native English or equivalent

It is not necessary to have international teaching experience. We suggest you speak with our

recruiters at length to understand what teaching abroad is like.

  • Every school tends to be different and some may prefer teachers with no dependents while others have no restrictions offer visa, accommodation and tickets for spouse and children.

    While every school has its own policy, the focus is on getting the best teacher.

    It is normally advisable for the teacher to come in earlier by themselves and have the family join in subsequently.

Living in another country, experiencing a different culture and working with a diverse range of people from all over the world can provide a high degree of both personal and professional satisfaction.

The opportunity to teach overseas is always a rewarding and enriching experience and teachers benefiting both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Salaries in the Middle East tend to be amongst the highest in the world coupled with little or no personal income tax.

Yes, you can still register. Most schools give preference to teachers possessing an Undergraduate degree and training license or have a Bed degree.

Unless the schools specifically states that applicant must be IB experienced; teachers without IB training who are able to deliver a subject well can apply.

Application Process

Teachers need to register themselves by filling the teacher application form on our website.

Teachers can click here to proceed to the online teacher application form.

If you are looking for a teaching opportunity across the Middle East, you could visit our website-

click here. We have posted current job vacancies on our site.

You can also connect to us on LinkedIn Click here and Facebook Click here

List of document:

– An up to date CV

– A photo on a clear white background

– A valid Passport (Photo Page)

– University Degree(s) & Transcripts

– Teaching Qualification(s) & Transcripts

– Basic Medical Declaration

– A recent Criminal Police Check (no older than 3 months)

– Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Employment in the UAE especially requires formal security clearance from the immigration

department after which an entry permit and residence is given. For a teacher it is required to have

all the above documents attested by the relevant authorities before they can get clearance to work

in UAE.

Attestations and Police Checks

Intelligent Partners have partnered with Argentum FZ LLC to assist teachers in attestation of their transcripts and other documents needed for the visa process in the Middle East and Africa.

All the teachers (except for ones residing in South Africa) can utilize this service at discounted rates, as long as they are represented by Intelligent Partners.

Intelligent Partners has partnered with US Authentication Services to assist teachers in attestation their transcripts and other documents needed for the visa process in the Middle East and Africa. Teachers can utilize this service at discounted rates as long as they are represented by Intelligent Partners.

For teachers in the USA, it is mandatory to have FBI background check.

We have partnered with Accurate Biometrics .

Accurate Biometrics is an FBI livescan vendor / channeler so they can provide the FBI background check much more quickly than by the FBI itself.

Schools are expected to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Education and Immigration Department.

Consequently schools emphasize on having all the necessary documents before applying for a position.

You are required to get a police clearance certificate in the country where you are residing for the last six or more months.

Police clearance certificate are generally issued by the nearest police department at your location.

Yes you can apply but you need to ensure that the police clearance certificate is the latest one.

Teachers are expected to have a Undergraduate degree in the area of the position they are applying for.

In addition they need to have a teaching license issued by the concerned authority in their home country.

Yes you may, but please mention it on your application.


NO! Intelligent Partners does not charge teachers and other candidates any fees for any job placement.

As we get paid by the schools, we do not accept teachers paying us any fees.

Our recruiters work diligently and are based in the Middle East.

We understand the region and know how to guide teachers through the entire process.

Schools return to us for teachers because they know we have selected the right candidate for their schools.

You will need to get your documents attested and get an updated criminal police check.

There might be a charge for this in your country.


Jobs are not assured or guaranteed. We will send your CVs to the schools that have job vacancies in the areas you have specialized in.

Your success will depend on your experience as a teacher,your subject of specialization, your confidential references, your ability to interview and your flexibility on the type of school.

Our recruiters review your application and forward your CV/ Resume to the relevant school/s for consideration.

Once the school expresses an interest, our recruiters will contact you to arrange an interview.

It is important to note that the starting date of the job impacts the interview date.

All countries in the Gulf, including UAE have visa regulations which stipulate an age limit for teachers.

Schools will normally note the applicable age on job posting.

Normally the marital status is more important than the age of the candidate.

Every school has different criteria’s and requirements but the majority will need a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching diploma from a recognized university / college from an English speaking country.

Normally two years’ work experience is also required. .

In terms of personality, schools look for teachers who are adaptive to a different culture and have a genuine passion for teaching.

Working in the Middle East provides a unique opportunity to learn and understand the Arab culture.

One must understand settling in a new country requires time and patience.

It’s not the end of the world! We shall add your CV/ resume to our data bank and approach another school.

Schools are always looking for talented teachers in all areas, be it KG teachers, English teachers or Math’s teacher.

We receive vacancies across the spectrum.

Yes, we would be placing you in schools where your profile matches the vacancies.

Having said that, Public schools have several campuses and it is the school that decides the placement of a teacher to a particular campus.

We do have positions for senior management administrators, counselors and librarians, etc.

International Schools do ask us for counselors for their Primary and Secondary sections.

Many schools will need you to teach and handle counseling.

We work with International Schools which have English as their main language of teaching; for example, those schools serving children in the age range of 3 – 19 years and teaching subjects usually found in schools in the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Most International Schools do have a few ESL/EFL specialist teachers.

ADEC hires both Arabic Medium teacher and English Medium teacher.

In 2009 ADEC introduced a reform to reach the highest international standards in education and empower the citizens to manage the future.

The innovative reform is based on international research which means working for ADEC offers a unique and excellent opportunity to work with world class talent and contribute to education excellence.

You can be teaching around 30 – 40 hours a week, but it differs from school to school.

School hours are typically 7:30am to 2:00pm, Sunday to Thursday.

Teachers are usually given one planning period per day and take part in weekly Professional Development and planning sessions.

Yes, you will be asked to submit lesson plans in order to review the progress in class.

Yes, you will be observed at the beginning of your contract and at various points throughout your contract.

KG teachers will co-teach with an Arabic teacher (AMT). All other teachers will have sole responsibility of their classes and work alongside Arabic teachers as well as the other EMTs.

All classes except for kindergarten (KG) are gender segregated. Females can teach males, but males cannot teach females.

Therefore, there are only female teachers in KG classrooms and female teachers can teach in all boys’ schools.

Some of your students may have been exposed to English while some will know very little.

You will be required to differentiate your curriculum to encompass all students.

For ADEC managed school you will know the place only when you arrive in the UAE, after the Orientation.

You could be placed in one of three areas: Abu Dhabi City, Al Gharbia and Al Ain.

However in cases of Private International Schools and other Public Schools you would know about the school you will be teaching at, during the offer stage.

Teaching hours are generally between 6 to 8 hours a day.

These are the usual hours and each school may differ on their timings.


Visas take from seven to fifteen working days provided all statutory documents have been submitted in accordance with the policy guidelines.

The schools will pay and arrange for your visa. This will be emailed to you closer to the time of departure.

In case of a Public School system, the school will be pay the entire visa cost for the teacher and family (spouse and up to 3 children).

However Private schools may only pay for the teacher’s visa and not their families.


Teachers should have a minimum of Undergraduate degree along with a teaching license from an English speaking country.

In a Public school system teachers sponsored by their spouse are required to transfer themselves under the sponsorship of the school.

This will entitle you to the benefits.

With Private schools the benefits should be the same, excluding housing.

Overseas Hire – you will be provided with the entire expat teacher

Local Hire – if you locally hired and or are sponsored by your spouse you will only be eligible

for a salary and end of year bonus and are excluded from expatriate teacher benefits.

Depending on the country/region (often the Middle East) it is important to note that only one person is eligible for overseas benefits unless the employer at their discretion would give an overseas package for both husband and wife.

In Middle East and African countries if you are a non-married couple then you cannot live together as this is against the law of the land could result in deportation.

Homosexuality is illegal in the Middle East .Schools here will not employ these couples.

It is always good to have TESOL/CELTA/DELTA/EFL certifications but these cannot be considered as a substitute for a teaching license which is mandatory for most schools in the Middle East.

Schools in African countries tend to be more flexible with qualifications.

As an expatriate teacher on husband’s sponsorship, you would not be entitled for the international package.
An overseas expatriate benefit is normally offered to only one person in the family.

It is the school’s discretion to offer expatriate benefits other than those you are entitled to.

Some schools with affiliates in the UK may allow teachers to complete their NQT.

Most of the International schools prefer to hire teachers who have already passed the induction period to save on the cost of getting your NQT year signed off.

The final decision is taken by the school.

· Full-time classroom experience

· Substitute teaching experience (must have records of employment from school/school board). Proof of 120 days over one academic year counts for one year of experience for salary purposes

· International school experience (must be American or British curriculum)

  • QTS stands for Qualified Teacher Status. This is awarded by the teaching council of UK to a
    teacher who has completed an appropriate teaching qualification.

    The most common route to QTS is through the completion of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) followed by a year’s induction in schools.

A CRB stands for Criminal Records Bureau.

A clear ‘enhanced disclosure’ from the CRB is an essential pre-requisite for any person who wishes to work with children or vulnerable adults, regardless of their job role.

Visit Here you will find information on services, your rights, and information about the check.

As long as you’re PGCE provides you with Qualified Teacher Status it isn’t unusual to move from Secondary to Primary and vice-versa.


Salaries and benefits tend to vary between schools, be it Public or Private.

The notes below are a generalization and each school will have differences.

Also the compensation package will be contingent on relevant experience, qualifications etc.


Private International schools

– Tax free Salary of $2500-$3500 per month

– 30 to 40 days annual paid leave

– Health Insurance for teachers

– Tuition fee reimbursement (30-70%)

– Annual flight tickets Public schools

– Tax free Salary from $ 3,500 to $5,400 per month

– Annual flight tickets

– Housing allowance/accommodation provided depending upon marital status and location

– 40 days paid annual leave

– Health Insurance for teacher, spouse and up to 3 children

– Return air fare for teacher, spouse and up to 3 children

– Relocation allowance.


Salaries in Africa are subject to tax. However, most schools prefer to pay teachers “post taxed” salaries.

– Post tax Salary (in hand) for teachers starting from US $2,800 per month

– Annual flight tickets for teacher and family

– Private furnished accommodation is provided with all utilities paid for

– 60 days paid annual leave

– Health Insurance for teacher and family

– Return air fare for teacher and family

– Tuition fee discount for children (75% -100%)

These are is no personal income tax in the Gulf region. No deductions are done from your

salary/paycheck. The salary which is offered is the take home amount.

Salaries are post taxed in African countries.

  • Every school tends to be different and some may prefer teachers with no dependents while others have no restrictions and even offer visa, accommodation and tickets for spouse and children.

    While every school has its own policy, the focus is on getting the best teacher.


Teaching contracts tend to normally be for two years as schools would like continuity and have expended resources – time and money – for hiring teachers.

It is not uncommon for teachers to request their contract to be renewed.

Our recruiters will ask you to accept the offer only if you are totally committed.

If you accept and then back off; you have wasted a lot of the school’s time and our recruiter’s efforts.

We advice candidates to consider the offer, discuss it with your family before accepting.

Candidates that go back on their verbal or written contract after accepting the offer will not be

placed again in another position.

Yes you will be paid for the summer holidays.

Breaking a contract can complicate things and in all probability the school will levy an employment ban making it difficult to get another job in the same country.

There could financial penalties too.

We advice teachers to go through the contact diligently as each contract will have its own termination clause which you would need to read carefully.


Countries in the Middle East like UAE and several African countries may not have restrictions

on dogs or cats but it is prudent to check with your recruiter and the school before you bring your

pet. There is always the possibility about quarantine at immigration and/or pets could be against

the policy of the accommodation management. Maintaining a pet is expensive and the hot and

sunny weather may not be ideal for them.


The UAE is an extremely cosmopolitan place, home to people from all over the world.
This international flavor is reflected in the plethora of academic curriculum offered in schools.

Creative Curriculum

This curriculum is followed by the Nurseries, Preschool and KG schools.
Creative Curriculum has incorporated the latest research and best practices and takes in the needs of every type of learner into account.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of
your child from birth to 5 years old.


The Montessori Method of education is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. It’s an approach that celebrates and nurtures each child’s intrinsic desire to learn.

Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia Approach is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education.
It is an educational philosophy based on the image of the child, and of human beings, as possessing strong potentials for development and as a subject of rights who learns and grows in the relationships with others.

UK Curriculum

It is a broad and balanced system that covers major arts, sciences and humanities subjects. With a wide-angle view and a liberal approach, it’s great for keeping track of progress and encouraging
achievement all the way from primary school to college level.

American Curriculum

The US Curriculum is based on American standards of achievement. This curriculum is based on individual needs, supported by a huge range of co-curricular activities that ensure students have the opportunity to develop fully as individuals.
Individualized instructions are geared towards enquiry-based, hands-on teaching methods and world class best renowned learning strategies.

IB Curriculum

The IB program encourages students to think broadly, beyond the boundaries of their communities, and to see themselves as members of a global society.
The IB has six main areas of study: language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, experimental sciences, mathematics and computer science, and the arts.

Australia Curriculum

The Curriculum sets out, through content descriptions and achievement standards, what students should be taught and achieve, as they progress through school.

Canadian Curriculum

Canadian Curriculum covers the four key subject areas: Math, English, Social Studies, and Science.
The curriculum-based unit is designed to ensure that student understands the concepts and masters the necessary skills.

Intelligent Partners will place teachers to the right school depending on their CV and screening
position. Information on curriculum and the school will be provided once you are shortlisted for
interview with the respective school.

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