Teach the Teachers – An outlook on the perks of Teaching in the UAE

When it comes to the UAE, the country is committed to upholding high educational standards. Dubai is known to be a world-class destination for tourism and shopping. Yet, as the city blossoms into a 21st-century marvel, it is soon to become a world class destination for Education.

Known to possess a cultural diversity due to its vast expat population, the city has modern schools that follow various curriculums like the British, American and also, Indian.

Teaching in UAE

To one’s amusement, private schools in the UAE have taken their infrastructure to the next level, making them unlike any other schools in the world. This unique educational experience generates a class of students that have a vivid understanding of the world as global citizens.

One major factor contributing to the admirable educational standards being benchmarked in the Middle East is the high quality of its Teachers. While one might be nervous on relocating to the UAE due to unfamiliarity with the country, culture and the schools here, one must realise that with the thriving expat population present, the Government and educational authorities keep a strict eye on how well schools take care of their teachers.

Teacher salaries typically range from $2500- $4000, categorically depending upon the post and qualifications of the candidate. Apart from benefiting from this tax-free income, schools here also take care of your accommodation, health insurance and an annual flight ticket to your home country. This lowers your daily expenses, enabling you to save your tax-free income. Teachers are known to save more in Dubai than they would back in their home countries as there is no tax on income.

Candidates must have a valid teaching certification or degree, with a minimum of 2 years experience. Living a luxurious lifestyle, teachers will get to experience Dubai’s modern amenities and rich cultural heritage. Being offered the opportunity to teach students from all over the world is a dynamic experience that is sure to add positive credit to any teacher’s credentials.

Intelligent partners is the only recruitment agency in the UAE that focuses on Teacher Recruitment. We place the right Teachers, in the right jobs, at the right schools. Interested applicants are required to send their CV’s, along with a recent photograph attached, to assistant@intelligentgulf.com.

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