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Was a secondary institution founded in 1828 and then later in 1833 was recognized as an is a public university locatedin New Paltz, New York and the campus consists of about 216 acres.The most popular majors at the university include:

  • Business
  • Management (sports management, emergency management, business management, digital media management)
  • Marketing
  • Social Sciences
  • Communication
  • Journalism (major & minor)
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Psychology (major, minor, masters)
  • Elementary Education.

Theuniversity has a very limited number of meritbased scholarships. It’s ranking in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities North, #28. The acceptancerate according to 2016-17 is 42.9%. Thenotable alumniinclude: – Salvador Agron, Yak Ballz, Rob Borsellino, Kevin Cahill



USA has a very large number of Universities, colleges and higher education institutions offering a variety of courses across all faculties. The higher education system in this country is one of the best in the world.

Application process to these Universities, colleges and higher education institutions is very complex where the admissions officer looks into various aspects. The applicant needs to have a well-rounded profile to get into the better and top ranked Universities.

Intelligent Partners has experienced Study Abroad USA Education Consultants who guide students to build on their profile and mentor international & Indian students appropriately.

Our best Education Consultants advise on:

·         Fulfilling application requirements like essays, common app & UC essays

·         SAT scores

·         English language proficiency level

·         CV building

·         Portfolio requirements, etc.

Under our guidance many of our students have secured admissions to Ivy League, Liberal Arts colleges, and Top ranked universities in the USA for different degrees such as:

·         Architecture

·         Fine & Applied Art & Design

·         Business Management & Economics

·         Engineering

·         Math’s and Computer Science

·         Social Sciences

·         Psychology

·         Culinary Arts

·         Communications

·         Data Science

·         Biology

·         Law

Intelligent Partners best Education Consultants have been personally trained by US top universities on:

·         how to get scholarships for international & Indian students

·         how to book accommodation

·         transfer of college credits

·         different intakes available for international students

·         last minute university applications

·         student study visas for USA

·         community colleges

·         affordable colleges/ universities in the USA

·         financial aid

·         Bachelor degrees in the USA

·         Master’s degrees in the USA

·         dual degrees

·         associate degrees

·         Doctorate