Summer Programs

When thinking of summer school, students’ imagine early mornings, sitting in a classroom and homework cutting into lazy summer plans. What if I told you that summer schools are no longer relegated to your secondary school classroom? Summer school also means attending classes at a university or at a camp where one can partake in cultural immersion, intensive language study, college prep, exposure to new academic subjects, travel excursions, recreational adventure, personal growth, and building life-long friendships.

US Universities, like the University of California, Los Angeles and Harvard University, receive and review over 60,000 applications each year. This staggering number leaves students pondering the question, “What can I do to make MY application stand out?” It is true the number of applications submitted is high but the success of an application is well within in the control of individual student. In this situation, preparation is vital, not just in regards to completing required exams, like the SAT, requesting letters of recommendation and obtaining strong grades, but also grooming oneself to be the strongest candidate for admissions.

Universities look at an applicant holistically, taking into consideration not just the academic qualifications but what the applicant can potentially contribute to the university campus and community as a whole. Simply stated, a student with outstanding secondary school grades and SAT scores is one thing, but a student with high achievement in each paired with a record of community service and development of extra circular interests is all the better.

A summer program is a great way to improve your university admission applications by presenting the opportunity to enjoy an increased hands-on learning environment other than what one would find in regular classes. If you’re craving in-depth study of a subject and high school classes leave you wanting more, college-level classes may be the answer. If you want to explore a particular college, or experience the pace, structure, and procedures of college classes, it’s a great preview of what’s to come and allows students (and parents) to become familiarized with what’s important to them in a school and see what different institutions offer.

Many residential summer school programs include sports, travel and social activities in their curricula. Personal development and leadership skills are also major theme. All aspects work together to not only add to your admission application but also to make it easier to write and make a lasting impression with your personal statements.

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