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Study medicine abroad, Dentistry has been practiced for thousands of years; Dentists treat teeth, gums, soft and hard tissues. According to the (WHO) World Health Organization dentistry are the science and art of treating, diagnosing and preventing diseases, injuries of the teeth, mouth and jaw. In today’s world dentistry has expanded and became more than a “fill teeth” notion and has become a lot more specialized than in the previous years.

Students who would like to take dentistry as an undergraduate course will have to have a background in:

  • Biology– is one of the important subjects for dentistry as it helps give students a background on the anatomy of the human body.
  • Math’s– Develop skills that help analyze and provide a background on the use of formulas.
  • Chemistry– Hygienists work with different types of chemicals to clean teeth and gums, understanding the makeup of these chemicals is vital as it helps hygienists understand the effects it may have on the patients.

Students who want to study medicine abroad in dentistry as a bachelor’s course would need to achieve good results in subjects such as, Chemistry, Biology and Math’s. Results should be between A-B for universities such as:

  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Cardiff
  • Plymouth University
  • Liverpool University
  • Birmingham University

However, for students with excellent results in A-levels who have no background in sciences, can take a foundation course that is dedicated to introducing students to the basic sciences. This foundation course lasts up to 30 weeks and immediately precedes entry to an undergraduate degree course. For Postgraduate courses, entry requirements are 2:1 (upper second class) in a science based first degree.

Careers in Dentistry:

  • Dental-Maxillofacial Radiologist.
  • Endedntics
  • Oral and maxillofacial Surgeon.
  • Oral Physician.
  • Oral Pathologist.
  • Orthodontist
  • Pediatric Dentist.
  • Periodonist
  • Prothodontist
  • Public Health Dentist.
  • Special Needs Dentist.

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