When it comes to applying for a Master’s degree abroad it is very important for students to seek professional help from specialized study abroad education consultants as this is a very difficult decision on whether you should leave your job or study further immediately after your Bachelor’s/undergraduate degree.

One important reason you should consult the best education consultant is to choose the right specialization for your Master’s. It may seem that your family and friends know enough but in today’s world it is very competitive to get into the top universities and this decision is going to have a huge impact on your future careers.

Intelligent Partners Consultancy in UAE works with top universities, affordable colleges and recognized higher education institutions in the following countries for Masters Degrees:

·       USA

·       Canada

·       UK

·       Ireland

·       Germany

·       Spain

·       Italy

·       France

·       Netherlands

·       Europe

·       UAE

·       Singapore

·       Malaysia

·       Australia

·       New Zealand

Our professional study abroad consultants at Intelligent Partners have in-depth knowledge on:

·       Various specializations

·       Cost and country comparisons

·       Country to apply to

·       Application fee waivers to Partner universities

·       University best suited for your field

·       Deadlines and timelines

·       Entrance exams if needed and when

·       How to apply

·       Personal essays

·       Scholarship guidance

·       Student study visas

·       Stay back options

Masters applications are generally done through the university portals directly unlike the undergraduate programs where the students have the opportunity to apply to multiple universities together.

For Master’s degrees, each university will have different processes, requirements, deadlines, and timelines. Our education consultants have been trained by universities to make sure we don’t miss on any point for your applications for your Master’s degree. 

Apart from all above benefits, we can help you get university applications fee waiver from our 700 + partner universities and guide you to apply for the right scholarships.

Intelligent Partners Consultancy UAE has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bur Dubai and Sharjah.