How to Apply For Your USA Student Visa or F-1 Visa

Visa applications can seem confusing for International students and take time, therefore, IP urges students to start the process as early as possible. Keep three months before your program of studies starts, to apply for your visa. In case you are denied the visa, you will have enough time appeal the decision. Intelligent Partners US college counsellors will be guiding you through the entire process.

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    • When the college / university / English Language School accept you, they will issue an i-20. Check if your name and spelling are the same as in your passport. Some citizens of certain countries or students who want to study certain subjects will have to go through additional screenings. Intelligent Partners repeats please keep enough time for the entire process.
    • Make an appointment for the visa interview and pay the required fees. If your program of study is going to start soon explain it when applying for your visa.
    • Your IP-US college counsellor will explain where to pay the visa fees called SEVIS (The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). Remember to bring a copy of the receipt to your interview.
    • United States non-immigration visa application form DS-160 has to be completed online. This form needs to be completely filled up and remember to spell your name exactly as it is on your passport. You will need to upload your photo if it fails you must remember to carry it with you for the interview.
    • Once complete you will receive an application ID number and password.
    • Now you need to book an appointment for your interview. Once the date is confirmed print out the appointment letter, which has to be carried for the interview.
    • Intelligent Partners counsellors are trained to help you answer the questions truthfully, quickly and accurately. Our counsellors will also give you a list of documents you need to carry with you for the interview.
  • The interview is a formal one, business attire is needed. The officer is busy and sees many applicants. You need to make a good impression.
    1. Give reasons for studying in the USA and your future career plansIf you are first going to learn English and then progressing for a degree explain why studying in the US is good for you. You should tell them why you have chosen the school/college you intend to study in and where you will be staying.
  1. Be honest and reply calmlyIf your grades are below average or poor explain the reason and how do you plan to work towards improving the grades at the university. If there were certain circumstances death, accident, illnesses explain that. If possible keep a letter of recommendation from your teacher along with your visa docs.
  • If your interview is successful your passport will be sent back to you by courier and if it is denied then you will be handed the passport back by the visa officer.

99% of Intelligent Partners students get their student visas. If you have been denied the visa it is because the visa officer is not convinced that you may not return to your country after finishing your studies. The visa officer will ask you many questions about your study plans and why you will return back home. You also need to show that your parents/ family have the funds to pay the college fees.

Intelligent Partners helps in organising your travel arrangements and foreign exchange as well.

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