5 Tips on Taking Lecture Notes that Make Sense Later

Lectures can get complex as you progress from high school to university. At times it may not be easy to make notes that make sense a month later while preparing for your exam. Follow these few awesome smart tricks/tips on lecture notes that can help you make sensible lecture notes.


  1. Date your notes in a correct sequence for each subject.
  2. Always ask your teacher the theme of the day’s lecture to get an idea about the topics to be discussed that day.
  3. Watch out for digressions during the lecture and mark them.
  4. Draw pictures, arrows and diagrams if you are a visual person. Information is easily grasped when you see it in an image.
  5. Underline new vocabulary and words you do not understand and clear your doubts the same day.
Follow these tips on lecture notes to make a better one.

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