Stress Management: Tips on How to Handle Stress While Studying Abroad?

For many students living alone in a new country and having to navigate university life, deadlines and evaluations can lead to levels of stress we have not encountered before.

Everyone feels homesickness even if some don’t openly admit to it. Talking about your feelings to friends helps as many will then open up about theirs as well.

study abroad stress

We have a few tips to help you adjust during those difficult times. Living alone in a new country without family and old friends can be hard for some of us. But this can be managed and is not as overwhelming as it seems.

Planning and staying organized in advance means you will not lag behind submissions at the last minute. Work out a schedule and stick to it. Don’t procrastinate. Set attainable goals for projects and homework. Keep time aside for errands, laundry, shopping etc.

Socialize by joining your interest of clubs and sports. Universities offer an enormous range of clubs, campus groups and societies, try and participate in different and new ones. You might discover different passions and make new friends. Taking time to rest is very essential for when you are not feeling good. Whether working or socializing you must stay busy.

Keep in touch with friends and family through whatever means available. Fix a time to talk to friends and family keeping in mind time zones. They will be missing you as much as you are. But don’t spend too much time remembering your life back home, many times memories of home are more of a utopian image. Experience the new culture and enjoy it.

If you still feel you can’t cope, all universities have an International office and Student Health Services. Go and ask for assistance if you need help either with studies, money issues or a psychologist.

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