• Programs offered for Grades 11 and above.
  • Programs lead to BTEC Diploma and Extended Diploma in IT and Business.
  • Programs delivered in 7 months providing a fast track to University or employment.
  • Qualification accepted worldwide by Universities as meeting entry level standard and is equivalent to 2 or 3 UK A levels.
  • Provides valuable work related skills and offers opportunity for internship.

PIP also deliver over 15,000 training and development programs globally and more than 5,000 Apprenticeships annually, with success rates of over 96% and ratings by the UK Government’s inspection body Ofsted range up to Outstanding. Independent research by the ROI Academy also verifies the high quality of its training.


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These full-time programs are aimed at post-school learners with a special interest in Business or IT and who are seeking a rewarding and sustainable career. Alternatively, these programs are suitable for people considering going into higher education.  Each program is divided into two parts, a diploma and an extended diploma.

The Diploma program grants an Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Diploma, and is equivalent to 2 x UK A-Levels with an option of IT vendor certification.

The Extended Diploma program grants an Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma, and is equivalent to 3 x UK A-Levels and has a distance learning component or an internship with a leading employer in the UAE.


These part-time programs are aimed at young professionals that want to improve their skills in customer services or business administration while in employment.

The Certificate in Customer Services enables candidates to improve their knowledge and understanding in developing and delivering good customer service and their ability to apply this to real situations. It provides candidates with an appreciation of the systems and procedures that enhance the delivery of effective customer service and an understanding of personal behaviors and processes to enhance and influence service delivery. It also covers how to apply these behaviors and processes within the job role. This qualification is suitable for people working or intending to work in a customer service supervisory role.

The Certificate in Business Administration is intended for candidates who are working or preparing to work in an administrative role which requires initiative and business awareness. The aims of the program are to enable candidates to develop an understanding of administration and organization, increase knowledge of relevant systems and procedures, and develop understanding of a range of business services and management support.


Pearson in Practice is dedicated to delivering high quality training in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that today’s organizations have the most skilled and efficient workforce.


These short full-time programs give learners the opportunity to develop skills which are in demand in the workplace to improve their employability. They are available in 3 levels:

  • Level 1: This certificate offers basic skills required to enter the labor market.
  • Level 2: Individuals will work alongside generic support to improve the learner’s ability to move into sustainable employment.
  • Level 3: This program provides the opportunity for learners to gain advanced skills required by employers.

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