Why Study In India

India has the second largest higher education system in the world. Millions of students attend Indian universities and colleges every year. Recently, more and more international students are making India their choice for higher education and are being rewarded with a rich and vibrant culture that provides a unique educational experience both inside and outside the classroom.


The world’s first university was in India. Since then, India has continued to uphold its reputation for excellence in education. India is famous for its high standards in its universities and colleges. There are also many famed institutes for vocational and skill training programs, appealing to those not looking for degrees in the humanities or the sciences.


Many programs in India require fewer years than in other countries. This allows students to gain more real-world experience as they graduate sooner and begin their careers faster.India’s growing presence on the global stage means that those who study there are in a good position to capitalize on career opportunities in the fast growing nation. Large corporations recognize the quality of students graduating every year, making India one of the largest recruitment countries for recent graduates.


India is far cheaper to study in than the majority of countries. This is especially true in fields like medicine, where students graduate in fewer years than places like the US. Coupled with the relatively low cost of living, India is an attractive and affordable choice.