The staff at Intelligent Partners is very friendly, and this makes the experience amicable. Thanks for your help!!

Thank you for your effort and time! You were such a good help.

Intelligent Partners have good staff and they helped me a lot with the admission.

Intelligent Partners have been very helpful to give us full information about what we need and what we should do. I am very happy that we meet them.

Extremely satisfied with the service provided and everything is more than perfect.

Thank you for the support and guidance provided to me.

Thanks for all your support so far and what is good about you is the close personal bond you have with the children. I have recommended Intelligent Partners strongly to some of our friends and contacts whose children will be graduating soon and applying to universities.

Studying in the UK particularly in Leeds University which is one of the top universities in UK was a dream come true. Thanks to the team at “Intelligent” for their efficient and sincere help toward helping me attain an admission in Leeds.

I visited Intelligent Partners in the hope of getting knowledge in the process of getting an admission, but they proved to be more than a source of help. The team patiently explained the steps to finding the right course to the right university. They recognized my scores as an excellent one in order to get a scholarship too. The procedure they followed for attaining an admission and visa was easy to understand and enabled me to get one without much difficulty. They were considerate and ensured I was moving forward getting a seat secured.

The staff at Intelligent were always helpful in answering my small and big questions through out the process. I will always be grateful to the team and organization for helping me to achieve my goal and in identifying my capability and enabling me to attain a percentage of scholarship too.

Special thanks to Ms Priya Varma, Ms Mariam and Ms Saba for their constant help and support.
Thank you Intelligent Partners

Thank you very much for your advice & support. It was very quick and perfectly organized.

I am very much satisfied with your services. We are glad we found you. I have recommended you to my family & friends who want to send their children to study in UK.

Your help proved beneficial. I appreciate the services as well as the staff for continuous support. And the best thing is all the services are free of cost. Keep doing the good work. Cheers!

Intelligent has the best education advisors, they are partners with the best Universities in UK and I have been given the right choice for my Post Graduate degree which would fulfil my requirements. I would really like to thank them for the great encouragement, cooperation and continued assistance.

Intelligent has been a great help in identifying programs and Universities best suited for the students. The professional and efficient advisors are a pleasure to work with.

Thanks for the advice – particularly in University selection. I am glad I came to you for my son. All the best!

Thanks for the wonderful advice and the continued support.

I am very happy that I found you. I owe the full credit to you for doing everything for me. You guys rock!

I started working with Intelligent partners in late 2014 when I was thinking about doing my post graduation but was not sure whether to pursue a masters or MBA. At this point, I had not done taken the GMAT exam. From then on I worked closely with Intelligent partners to help me with admissions to various MBA and masters program. After hours of discussion and counselling, I fi-nally applied to 5 universities in the USA for MBA and one in the UK for masters. Intelligent part-ners helped me right from choosing universities that would suit my skill-set and the kind of spe-cialisation, I wanted to do. I was guided on how to fill the application, received pointers on what to write in the various SOP’s and essays and even received guidance on the kind of references, I should be aiming at. The application process was easier than actually choosing and making the final decision from the 4 universities, where I was offered admission. Jovita really helped me at this stage, she communicated with the universities and helped me solve any confusion in my mind all the while keeping the larger goal in mind but also carefully considering the budget and more importantly my interests. I am glad that I chose Intelligent partners on this very difficult path of choosing and pursuing graduate studies. I am very happy with the university I finally choose. I have completed my first year of graduate studies and being in Boston have experienced wonder-ful student life. I am a part of various graduate student organisations and have attended events at Harvard Business school, all this would not have been possible without the help of Intelligent part-ners.

Best partners, best staff and best services! This the only agency which I really recommend to all of you , after long observation I came to the point that Intelligent Partners is the only company among the rest in Dubai, offering the best professional support with flexibility and good manner. I’m very thankful for them. Especially Ms Sruthy Joseph cheers to you, appreciate your support forever, you help opened me the doors of bright future and success to me.

The knowledge and expertise of Intelligent Partners have helped me secure an admission in the college of my dreams. All my doubts and anxieties about the admission process were addressed with clarity. They also provided support and guidance for my visa application.I recommend Intel-ligent Partners to any student aspiring to study abroad.

Intelligent Partners is one of the top most education consultancies in the country. I can truly say that they did a very important part in achieving my goal to study abroad, not only that but to be able to fulfil my dream of studying in my dream university. I never had any problem getting through since they helped me out with all the requirements. They have guided me step by step for me to be able to get accepted into the university

Thank you for your support and assistance during my entire process of getting the admission in the University , I and my mum have been in touch with you Regularly while you have assisted us tirelessly to make sure that I get the right choice of University in time. As you are aware I have al-ready moved to the University of Northampton and slowly settling in , your support and guidance have assisted me to reach this stage. I would like to say a BIG thank you for your support and assistance.

On behalf of myself, Hanaa and Sarah, we would like to thanks Ethel for her sincere efforts and dedicated time devoted throughout the approval process. I could not really understand the magni-tude of Ethel’s efforts till I have seen all efforts, patience, persistence and sincere efforts to find the right school that matches Sarah’s interest. We really appreciate your efforts and get ready to look after all other kids. We will definitely recommend your name to many families that we know. Thanks again for all of your efforts and words of encouragements. Throughout this process Sa-rah came to know that no gain no pain, with lots of efforts and persistence, she can attain her goals. She will always remember you and will be in touch should she needs further assistance. I am sure we still need your efforts and wonderful assistance till Sarah gets admitted to medicine school.

Intelligent partners people are great, whilst I was lost on how to go about my applications, they showed me a ray of hope and helped me through the entire process. From initial counselling to university choice to all the applications, they guided me through it and in the end, I got my dream university. I would like to thank Intelligent Partners from the bottom of my heart.

My experience was great in Intelligent partners they made everything really easy for me with my application for the universities and people who work at Intelligent partners are really nice and help a lot with everything, they are also very active with their work and try to finish everything in the shortest time possible.

Thank you so much for all the assistance and guidance of Intelligent partners. We really appreci-ate your help, this is a big relieve in our life and now Rose has a clear picture of her future. Thank you very much. “We love Intelligent Partners”

Intelligent partners helped us from step A through Z , and it would not be such a smooth experi-ence if we attempted this process on our own. They were well organised and efficient in taking us through the process and patient while answering our countless queries. Thank you 🙂

I had an extremely smooth application experience thanks to Intelligent Partners. My counsellor Priya Babel was very active in helping me strengthen my application. Her personal interest and timely reminders boosted my application and helped me get into my dream college.

Intelligent Partners is one of the top most education consultancies in the country. I can truly say that they did a very important part in achieving my goal to study abroad, not only that but to be able to fulfil my dream of studying in my dream university. I never had any problem getting through since they helped me out with all the requirements. They have guided me step by step for me to be able to get accepted to the university.

Thank you so much for all the support that you have given me and all the time you spent chasing me, it paid off well. I got my visa and I will be heading to the UK in the morning. Sorry that I couldn’t contact you earlier, was just very busy with preparations. Once again thank you so much and I hope to see you soon.

Great help so far, providing help for students seeking for studying abroad, providing Visa, Ac-commodation and University enrollment services to make it easier for the student

Well managed an agency with supportive agents. Guided me from the very first step of pro-cessing my application till the visa processing with confidence and support.

very supportive staff, I would like to thank my counsellor Ethel who was very very supportive throughout the process. I would definitely suggest my fellow students Intelligence partners Dubai.

Overall it was a good experience . They helped me a lot for suggesting and applying for my post graduate program.I will surely suggest Intelligent partners to my friends.

Ashwini was so helpful and really made applying to university a smooth and interesting journey.

They are very easy going the group of professionals. Sruthy is a master of her job.

They do a neat job, very helpful indeed!

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