Requirements for an MBA Program

The requirements for an MBA program differ from university to university, however the most common criteria for admissions are:

  • Undergraduate degree: In US/Canada, a 4 years undergraduate degree or an equivalent 3 years is required as a prerequisite for an MBA program admission in most of the universities. On the other hand, UK/Australia/NZ require 3 years of an undergraduate degree.
  • Experience: Most of the top universities require candidates to have a prior experience before they enroll them in their programs. The teaching style in an MBA classroom is based on case studies where there are no right and wrongs but just options which is where the candidates can capitalize their real world knowledge and experience for a better understanding of the subject.
  • GMAT: The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer based examination used by the universities to measure skills and compare students on the basis of their test score for admissions.

How to prepare and score well on GMAT:

The GMAT measures the skills built over a period of time, thus taking practice tests and pacing them will help to learn new strategies and complete the test on time without leaving any section incomplete. The GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.

Starting early, planning and executing the plan is a smart approach to preparing for the GMAT.

The following steps would help you plan a course towards your best GMAT score:

  • Determine when and where you plan to join a business school and their GMAT requirements.
  • Register for the GMAT exam and develop a study plan. Familiarizing with the test structure, format and questions would help in timing well for the exam.
  • Progress on your skills by taking practice tests.
  • Study and practice in an environment which is similar to that of the actual test center.
  • Assess your progress and continue preparing for the actual day eliminating weakness and maintaining strength.

Proof of English Language Ability: TOEFL/IELTS are the examinations required by the non-native English speaking students to be given as a proof of their English language. The format of the TOEFL and IELTS include components of Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing .Both TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.


Students who are sure on which programs and university they want to go should start preparing to apply six to nine months before the final submission of the application. The standard application includes information such as:

  • Name, Age, Contact Details
  • Educational qualification,
  • Choice of Program,
  • Intake year,
  • Recommendation letters,
  • Results of standardized test scores and
  • Essays

Application Deadlines:

Most of the schools and universities have three application deadlines and it takes close to be 2-3 months to get a final answer on the application. In general it is best to apply before the first deadline however, one should apply when the candidate thinks that he is ready.

Earliest Application Deadline for Top Schools

Schools First Deadline Extended Deadline
HEC Paris Aug (Round One)* Sept
Harvard Business School Sept Dec
Oxford (Said) Sept (Stage One) Oct
Duke (Fuqua) Sept (Early Action) Oct
HEC Paris Sept (Round Two)* Oct
Yale School of Management Sept Dec
INSEAD Sept * Nov
Chicago (Booth) Sept Dec
MIT (Sloan) Sept Dec
Cambridge (Judge) Sept Late October
Stanford Graduate School of Business Sept Dec
Northwestern (Kellogg) Sept Dec
London Business School Sept Dec
Notre Dame (Mendoza) Sept (Early Decision) Nov
Pennsylvania (Wharton) Sept Dec
UC-Berkeley (Haas) Oct Dec
Cornell (Johnson) Oct Dec
Emory (Goizueta) Oct Dec
Georgetown (McDonough) Oct Dec
Penn State (Smeal) Oct (Early Decision) Dec
Pittsburgh (Katz) Oct Dec
Michigan State (Broad) Oct (Early Round) Nov
Michigan (Ross) Oct Dec
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) Oct Dec
UCLA (Anderson) Oct Dec
Dartmouth (Tuck) Oct (Early Action) Dec
Columbia Business School Oct (Early Decision) Rolling decisions
Columbia Business School Oct (January ’ Option) Rolling decisions
Virginia (Darden) Oct Dec
Texas-Austin (McCombs) Oct Dec
INSEAD Oct * Dec
Duke (Fuqua) Oct (First Round) Dec
New York (Stern) Oct Dec
Indiana (Kelley) Oct Late December
University of Washington (Foster) Oct Dec
HEC Paris Oct (Round Three)* Nov
Rochester (Simon) Oct Dec
North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) Oct (Early Action) Dec
Cambridge (Judge) Oct (Round Two) Late November
Vanderbilt (Owen) Oct Dec
Oxford (Said) Oct (Stage Two) Dec
Minnesota (Carlson) Nov Jan
Michigan State (Broad) Nov (Round One) Dec
Notre Dame (Mendoza) Nov (Round One) Dec
Wisconsin Nov Dec
Dartmouth (Tuck) Nov (Round Two) Jan
New York (Stern) Nov (Second Deadline) Feb
University of Washington (Foster) Nov Jan
HEC Paris Nov (Round Four)* Dec
Rochester (Simon) Nov (Round Two) Jan
Cornell (Johnson) Nov (Round Two) Feb
Minnesota (Carlson) Dec (Round Two) Feb
Penn State (Smeal) Dec (Round One) Feb
Pittsburgh (Katz) Dec Feb
North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) Dec (Round Two) Feb
HEC Paris Dec (Round Five)* Jan

Source* University Websites

How can Intelligent Partners help in securing an MBA degree?

We at Intelligent partners help to simplify the intricate application process right from the beginning until the visa process that is there for all universities. Our counselors depending on your credentials will build your profile and accordingly will suggest various universities apply to. The counselors will do a country comparison and shortlist the universities of your choice that will match your profile. They would also help in preparing your application, reviewing your essays, resumes and your recommendation letters.

Ultimately, Intelligent Partners will help you get into your dream college and let you earn an MBA degree that would help you become the professional you want to be.


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