The College took its origins from the need that was widely felt in Ireland around 1950 for courses which would be helpful to workers in their role as active trade unionists. The first course commenced on February 6th 1951 at Sandford Lodge in Ranelagh. In the autumn of that year the first course for managers and employers began. Numbers were small at first, and lectures were held in some rooms in what is now the Jesuit Community House attached to the College. Fr. Edmund Kent S.J. was the first Director of the College. He was assisted by a small Jesuit staff and a number of dedicated laymen who worked on a voluntary basis during the early years of the College. The numbers of students grew rapidly. Courses for Supervisors commenced in 1955. With the growth of student numbers the extension of the College premises became imperative, and this was done in two stages, the first in the year 1956 and the second in the years 1961-62.


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The financing of the building programme was helped greatly by a number of generous benefactions from people who believed in the importance of the work the College had set itself to do. By 1964 the College had a spacious and well-equipped premises, capable of seating 400 students in the lecture halls, and with all the supporting facilities, such as a library, film projecting room, and tea room. The early nineteen sixties were very buoyant years for the College, with high enrolments in all courses. Significant developments in the latter part of the decade and the early nineteen seventies were the introduction of the Personnel Management Course in 1968, and of the proposed National Diploma Course in 1971. In 1971 the College also inaugurated its Commencement Course for entrants to the profession of Chartered Accountant which was the first venture into full-time third level education. The result of this gradual development is a College which provides a wide range of Courses for many diverse groups, right across the industrial spectrum. An enrolment of 550 students in 1975-76 indicates a measure of success in meeting the needs of these groups, and in creating a milieu in which all can feel at ease and have a sense of belonging, which is a characteristic of College students both past and present.

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