The IIPM course is a 22 month, 1944 hour course which includes in depth studies of national economic processes and ways to regulate its parameters to achieve higher growth rate of GDP ensuring higher growth of market segments within the nationaleconomy as well as higher growth of income of all sections of the people, including those who are below the poverty line.

The IIPM programme includes a compulsory specialisation in Marketing. IIPM also offers a unique Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis (GOTA) program, through which students are taken abroad for a period of 10-20 days, wherein the students get to attend lecture sessions at leading academic institutions and organisations like World Trade Organisation, United Nations, World Bank, Credit Suisse, Nestle, etc. This allows them to widen their horizon in understanding various forces of globalisation through experiential learning. Furthermore, under the Global Outreach Program, IIPM invites distinguished faculties from leading global institutions like Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Chicago, Yale, London School of Economics, Oxford, Cambridge, IMD Lausanne, INSEAD, etc., to come down to India to interact with IIPM students.


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The IIPM Group runs multiple Institutions internationally and has multiple partner institutions which benefit from partnering with IIPM



IIPM Centre for Higher Education (ICHE) is an IIPM initiative offering 3-years Integrated programmes in National Economic Planning and Entrepreneurship. ICHE is globally the only institution which offers a masters level programme to students after 10+2 in only 3 years. ICHE students are eligible for IIPM certification. Students additionally become eligible for the Post Graduate Degree in Management from IMI, Belgium, after completing 2 years of work experience from the date of completion of their programme.??GOTA is an integral part of the ICHE programme.


Indian School of Business & Economy (ISBE) is an IIPM initiative, which claims to take IIPM’s world class education to the masses. It offers Post Graduate and Under Graduate programmes in National Economic Planning and Entrepreneurship, leading to MBA and BBA degrees from one of the renowned Indian Universities (currently ISBE students receive degrees from M S University).The number of credits taught are lesser than those taught in the IIPM programmes, all though they are higher than the number of credits taught in a typical university MBA programme. GOTA (Global Opportunities & Threat Analysis), IIPM’s global exposure programme is not an integral part of ISBE programmes.


IMM is an AICTE approved institution founded in 1969 and its current Director is Mr. Gaganjit Singh.??IMM is a partner institute of IIPM. IIPM supports IMM’s entire admission process through its national infrastructure. IIPM also supports IMM by providing IIPM’s world class faculty, IIPM’s Global Outreach Programmes and IIPM’s nationally leading placement initiatives.??IMM students also have option to become eligible for IIPM certification along with their programme. However it may be noted that IMM is an independent institution and GOTA (Global Opportunities & Threat Analysis) of IIPM is not an integral part of IMM programmes and can only be chosen as an option.

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