We offer the complete range of language-related services:

  • A variety of language courses in almost every language in our 3 locations.
  • Specific courses for topic-specific language areas (eg Technical English).
  • Company courses tailored to your company and your product.
  • Translation and interpreting services in over 50 languages.
  • Intensive German courses with optional stay in a host family.
  • The BAMF approved and recognized integration courses with final examination.
  • Internationally recognized language examinations and certifications.

With ISL, you have found a professional and reliable partner who is working on your behalf.


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A big advantage is the creation of homogeneous groups – so that students shared learning outcomes achieved without discrimination weaker or stronger learners.

In small groups with 6 or 8 participants active communication and exchange through discussion is ideally suited.

Teachers can respond to the needs and needs of individual participants.

Profound knowledge of grammar are as much tools of teachers, such as the ability of fun in learning the language to communicate.