Study In Canada, Simon Fraser University 

SFU is situated in one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. It opened its doors in 1965 and has since developed into one of Canada’s leading universities, with an international reputation for innovative teaching, cutting-edge research and community engagement. This reputation is built on our strengths in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as our interdisciplinary and professional programs, and draws on our commitment to integrating teaching and research. SFU faculty members are recognized internationally and our students excel in their fields after graduation. Simon Fraser University’s main campus is the Burnaby Campus.

FIC offers direct pathway into year two of Simon Fraser University undergraduate degrees. FIC University Transfer Program II courses are equivalent to Simon Fraser University’s first year bachelor degree.


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Programmes offered are:

Pre-University Level

  • UTP Stage I: The UTP Stage I is designed to prepare students for entry to university level programs in any of the following areas: Business Administration, Computing Science, Engineering Science and Arts and Social Sciences.

University Level

  • UTP Stage II Arts and Social Sciences: Students are able to study a wide range of arts and social sciences courses allowing them to gain an excellent foundation in a variety of areas and choose the area of study they wish to specialize in when they progress to SFU.
  • UTP Stage II Business: Students are able to study a wide range of Business, Accounting and Management courses. This provides them with an excellent foundation in Business Administration and prepares them for success at SFU.
  • UTP Stage II Computing Science: Provides the foundation courses that lead to further study in areas including Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Programming Languages and Software, Information Systems, Computing Systems and Theoretical Computing.
  • UTP Stage II Engineering Science: Provides the foundation courses leading to further studies in the latest high-tech focused Engineering areas including: Computer, Electronics, Systems, Biomedical, Physics and Mechatronic Systems Engineering.
  • FIC Associate of Arts Degree: The FIC Associate of Arts degree is a two-year program covering a broad range of subjects. It provides an education experience that will prepare you for work and citizenship, as well as laying a solid foundation for further study.


Navitas academic merit scholarships are awarded each term by each Navitas pathway college or managed campus. Two students with the highest GPA in four or more subjects or courses will each receive a scholarship.

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