Langara College is a public degree-granting college that is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Langara is home to approximately 20,000 students annually through its university, career, and continuing studies programs. Langara College is the smart way to go to university since it provides the most comprehensive Arts & Science University-Transfer Program of any college in British Columbia. More students transfer to BC universities from Langara College than from any other college in the province. Depending on courses chosen, students who complete a minimum of 60 credits, which translated to about 20 courses, may apply for an Associate Degree or Arts and Science Diploma. These credits may be transferred to college and universities in British Columbia, and/or any other colleges or universities in Canada . This allows students to get the appropriate foundation and start to pursue their university degree at any Canadian university. Langara College provides first and second year university level programs culminating in an associate degree, diploma, or certificate. Langara also offers four year degree programs in a variety of programs including Nursing, Recreation Management, Business Administration and much more.


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The college is famous for its degrees in Business Administration, offering majors in Accounting, Business Management, Financial Management, International Business, and Marketing. Over all, Langara offers a wide range of academic programs in more than 60 subject areas are offered over three semesters per year. Langara is a popular choice for university transfer students due to the smaller class sizes, excellent support services, outstanding instructors, and competitive tuition fees as well. Langara also offers career programs leading to one-year certificates, two-year diplomas, and four-year bachelor’s degrees in fields that lead to careers in the arts, business, industry, and community services.

Above all that, Langara College has a beautiful campus with excellent facilities for all students. In terms of Mass Communication and Media, their “Student Media” is served by two outlets: The Voice and Voter Funded Media one of which is operated by the College’s Journalism program and is a member of CUP as well. In terms of athletics, Langara’s intercollegiate athletic program is one of the top college athletic programs in Canada. Langara is a member of the British Columbia Colleges’ Athletic Association (BCCAA) and the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA). This allows students to enjoy extracurricular activities, whether they are interested in the field of Journalism and Media, or event sports, providing them with a well-rounded experience abroad.

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