Alexander College is a private educational institute located in Vancouver, British Columbia, that provides both academic and vocational training in areas of highest to students around the world. They offer academic and foundation programs in a variety of fields including Sociology, Biology, Commerce and much more. They also accept many students who are new to Canada and many for whom the English language and North American culture are foreign and may be a challenge for them. They are partnered with VanWest College which provides international students with an excellent opportunity to achieve their English language goals and move easily into a University Transfer program in British Columbia We help these students integrate into Canadian society by teaching English, vocational programs, and the first two years of university; and we help them to find jobs or transfer to the University of their Choice.


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Alexander College is headed by a board of distinguished educators from universities and colleges in BC. Its main purpose is to ensure that the college maintains the highest standards of academic and professional excellence. They are also members of theBC transfer system (BCCAT) that provides 1st and 2nd year university courses with transfer credit eligibility to the top universities in British Columbia and across Canada.

In terms of student life, students are encouraged to participate in community sports activities. The college assists in the organization of intramural leagues, arrangements for facilities, and supervision for sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, softball, golf, soccer, swimming, bowling, and tennis. The formation of clubs for the enjoyment of a wide variety of cultural activities is also supported. Students are encouraged to form clubs around activities of common interest. Such activities may include dancing, attending events, organizing lectures and discussions.


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