Why nursing as a career?

Why you should be a nurse? Nursing jobs have great opportunities for growth! Big decisions, exciting locations and new experiments all in just a day’s work for a nurse today. The reason why this career can be such a fulfilling choice is because nurses are independent. They’re leaders in their field. They are the drivers of change and play a higher role in the healthcare industry than you may have even imagined.

Career Growth:

Nurses have tremendous personal and professional development in Canada as it has the highest job growth there. Since healthcare is always changing, there will be growth in careers for CCA careers.

Taking continuing training programs or pursuing a supplementary degree are just two of the ways in which you will keep building on your knowledge and skills.

Nursing doesn’t have to be a 12 hour job. Be your own manager and fix your own times.

Since demand for health-care workers is very high, and that includes demand for continuing care assistants (CCA) in Canada, it is an added benefit to do a CCA program for nurses professional growth. Upgrading nursing skills with CCA careers helps to immigrate to Canada.

Nursing course eligibility:

▪︎All nationality nurses with a diploma in nursing or any other related field will be eligible for this program.

▪︎Nursing career after graduation or nursing graduates.

▪︎12th Pass students looking for an express way to study, work and settle in Canada can benefit from this program.

Job Opportunities:

After graduating from CCA program you can enjoy high employment rates. 

You could work as:

• senior care assistant / personal care assistant 

• home nursing services/ senior home care 

• severe care facility

• combined facility

• supportive housing or special needs school 

• senior home care

• health care assistant/ patient care assistant

• certified nursing assistant 

You’ll work as part of a health-care group under the management of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses or certified applied nurses. It’s a head-on, people-centric profession .

Nurses for Canada