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Study abroad international students -Health sciences cover a wide range of disciplines under the medical and science fields. It relates directly to the aspect of applying Science, Technology, Engineering & Math to human or animal health which allows, one to pursue a career in the health care industry under a hospital environment/health care unit.

Choosing to study within health sciences means you are open to a variety of career prospects such as laboratory sciences, nursing, clinical psychology, health management/Public Health, Pharmacology, health & Nutrition, optometric, orthodontics, radiography (diagnostic or therapeutic), occupational therapy and physiotherapy, veterinary medicines etc.

UG Entry requirements may vary depending on the University/major selected within health sciences for study abroad international students

British Curriculum: AAA – BBB (with subjects that relate directly to the major selected)

IB: 30-36points with 5/6 HL Biology and Physics

Indian Curriculum: 85 overall, 85 in Science subjects

French Baccalaureate: 16 overall

IELTS – Overall 6.5-7.0 at UG level, with no band less than 6.0 and 7.0 at PG level.

In the UK, a bachelor’s program is up to 3yrs in duration and could go up to 4-5yrs for medicinal courses, whilst in the US all courses are of 4yrs/medicinal programs up to 7yrs. These are a few top UK universities that offer courses related to health science: the University of Liverpool, University of Portsmouth, & Glasgow Caledonian University. Annual course fee: £9900-£28000 based on the program.

If you wish to study in the US a SAT score of 1800 to 2000 in Chemistry, biology & physics would be required depending on the university chosen. You may consider some of these top universities that offer a range of health science courses as an option – The State University of New York, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Arizona.

Upon graduation, students may choose to continue into Postgraduate studies, or join employment related to the course selected.

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study abroad international students
Health Science studies for students

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