Study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad in Europe Intelligent Partners Consultants give some reasons why our students from the MENA region are opting to study in Europe.

1.    Many top European Universities and top Business Schools in Europe offer extremely low to free tuition fees. Many countries in Europe have very affordable living costs as well

2.    Universities and Business Schools in Europe are ranked globally and offer a high quality of education, research and training. Foundation options are available for a large number of degrees

3.    English taught Universities in Europe and Business Management Schools in Europe

4.    Universities and Business Schools in Europe offer a lot of scholarships for international and Indian students

5.    European countries offer diversity and students from across the world studying in Europe

6.    Living in Europe gives you the freedom to travel and explore the European continent. As there are many means of travel, students can find cheap travel deals. Culturally Europe has so much to offer from: architecture, art, music, nature, sports, etc.

7.    Graduates from top European Universities and top Business schools in Europe, find it a big boost for their CV’s and job hunting. MNC’s and Asian companies are always looking for European University or Business School graduates

8.    Stay back option in Europe and job visas are also available in many European countries for international students

Our Overseas Education Consultants for Study Abroad in Europe offer:

·         Psychometric tests or career assessment test 

·         Country Comparison

·         Shortlisting of top Europe Universities

·         University Application Editing

·         Essay, SOP, Personal Statement essay editing

·         Student visa, student study pass guidance 

·         Scholarships advice

·         IELTS test booking

·         Advice on what entrance exams are needed and deadlines

·         Student accommodation booking 

Our best Education Consultants have sent hundreds of international & Indian students to affordable top Universities to study Abroad in Europe. 

Intelligent Partners Consultancy in UAE has over 700+ partners with a large number of recognized top business and management schools all over the world.