How to Apply for Universities and Colleges in Canada?

There are many types of schools, institutions, over a 100 colleges and universities in Canada. Each has admissions and application process that are different. Our Canadian College admissions counselors have been trained by universities on all aspects of how to do college applications Canada and what the Canadian Universities and Colleges are looking for in student applications.

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Here are a few pointers to help you:

  • Apply early, seats for popular courses get filled up very fast. Universities and Colleges have strict deadlines. Don’t miss these. Discuss with Intelligent Partners educational counselors on different start dates for college application Canada.
  • Each University or College you are applying to needs to be sent separate applications. Ontario Universities are an exception.
  • Research each University and College and the programs you want to study; check the cost of applying, tuition fees, tests needed.
  • Check for the conditions of admissions
  • Collect all documents needed for your study permit/ student visa for Canada and leave enough time for the visa process

Here are the acceptances of one of our students and his testimonial! Congratulations to Vissank Ramalingam, well deserved!

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