virtual mentoring

Virtual Mentoring – Tuding Education a company specializing in offering (virtual) mentorships with professors from leading Universities in USA and UK using an interactive platform.

Students have the unique opportunity to work for 2 months on 1-1 with a top university professor/researcher/scholar or business leader! The team includes 95+ professors/scholars/researchers and business leaders from top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Columbia.

Students complete a research project or written work/publication and also receive a letter of recommendation – an influential asset for future admissions or employment goals!

psychometric tests

NBI Psychometric assessment tests 

Even while we all agree that psychometric tests are necessary and extremely effective in matching skills with passion most students tend to stumble while selecting the correct test. Dr Sweta  will discuss the features of NBI test and why is it more credible than others.


We are all aware that the “Essay” forms an intractable and extremely critical component of a University application. Vimi combines advertising practices, language persuasive devices and psychology tools to coach students in crafting compelling essays. Her expertise lies in working with high performing students for their elite school applications.


Online tuitions and summer programs brought to you by Bucksmore

With a team of highly accomplished tutors and a track record second to none, Buksmore offers online tuitions to students of all ages. It also offers online summer programs to beat the ban on international travel.

Virtual Internship

Virtual Internships 

The four week internship provides students yet another opportunity to work with established companies without leaving home – a perfect example on how students could productively use their summer holidays.