Why I chose Business as my Major and Philosophy as my Minor?

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Studying Business in my opinion provides for a broad foundation, where you can apply conceptual knowledge learnt and transform it into practical everyday practices. Especially now, in today’s society, I feel the study of business is of most relevance; as much of the reality today engrosses corporate understanding. At my university, University of Colorado Boulder, I also got the opportunity to explore all aspects of business as well, which further broaden my choices and allowed me to make the best possible choice for my area of emphasis, chosen at a later semester.

Not only this, having a diverse classroom environment, I was encouraged to be more internationally aware, providing me with new understandings of business practices around the globe. This is in my opinion at least, is the most vital reason why anyone should choose business, as now with the formation and expansion of new markets and technologies, the world is becoming increasingly globalized, forming connections all over. Further I felt as though studying business helped me explore ‘the self’ which may sound clichéd, but is important when developing and growing. Studying business, specifically management, gave me the inside workings so to speak, of myself.

Through this I was able to answer questions like ‘what are my strengths?’ and ‘what are weakness?’ which gave me a great deal, thus not only helping me in business but in general life as well. Moving on to a more obvious reason, choosing business as and having a broader understanding, you are able to have larger job scope as well. Having a wide variety of jobs available, you have more chances and are more able to work at your desired firm thus working for your passion rather than against it.

Having said this, chosen later, I listed Philosophy as my minor, as I felt it gave narrower, more specific understanding of the knowledge I attained through business. Keep in mind, I chose philosophy as I had already understood what I wanted my area of emphasis to be. Philosophy has this misconception of being ‘valueless’ as its every day application may not be as clear however in its entirety it is most definitely a worth full subject.

Philosophy opened up my mind, gave me tools by which I could reason, and critically analyze obstacles that lead my life not only in business but in everyday life as well. Wanting to progress in politics and law, philosophy also helped me in forming rhetoric as well moreover, also opening my eyes to fallacies in arguments as well. Yes, philosophy may not give you a stone cut path to your future, it will though provide you with tools to help you steer there.

It would be foolish to think my journey ends here, I have yet to discover and learn and so do you! To end, I present a quote said by the late Steve Jobs “The only way to do great work is to love what you do…” following this principle, rest assured, I am for sure doing what I love.

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