Criminal Psychologist

I would like to become a criminal psychologist, preferably with the police. Which countries have the most scope to learn & work in this field, and is India one of them? I am currently in 11th grade, studying biology, chemistry, physics and psychology (CBSE).

criminal psychology

Criminal Psychology is the confluence of psychology, criminology and criminal justice. Trained in human behavior criminal psychologists’ work closely with the entire justice department with the intent to not only understand but also reduce and prevent the offending behavior. They work in various capacities from being an expert witness for the victim to helping rehabilitate the offender to assisting in the selection of a jury. Very often a criminal psychologist is required to determine the defendant’s state of mind which require meetings and interviews with all the stakeholders, determine personality tests and decide on the ability of the defendant to stand trial.
Considering the realm of work it is essential for a criminal psychologist to be highly trained in law, human behavior, sociology, biology, and forensics. And within the law, they should be very well conversant with the mental health law. Unlike clinical psychologists, criminal psychologists do not work with their clients over an extended period of time. Their role is more precise, relates to a specific task and they are required to offer their findings on completion. The job is not meant to be therapeutic and their responsibility is limited to the evaluation of the event and human behavior.
Your selection of science subjects is perfectly adequate to gain admission to college. A degree in criminal psychology requires studying criminology as a major subject and psychology as a minor.  Criminal psychology in the UK is offered for 3 years as a Bachelor Degree program and 4 years in the US. Some students study general psychology for bachelor programs and further enhance their qualifications with a specialization in Criminology/ Criminal psychology or forensic psychology. In selecting a University you should ensure the program is accredited by appropriate authorities. Universities that offer this subject would include George Washington University, NYU, University of Denver, Teesside, Staffordshire, Kent and Christ College. Another option would be to do a joint degree in psychology and law.
Your training will include regular field trips to courts, prisons and youth offender training centers and meeting professionals who have pursued a career in the criminal justice sector.  In addition to the technical skills acquired during your studies an analytical mind to observe and rationalize patterns in behavior, thought and crime is necessary attributes for this profession.

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