Steps on How to Create a Positive Learning Environment

Many teachers mention that you need to build a relationship with students starting on the very first day of the school year.

As you may be new to the country, a few fun games to get to know your students and who you are and where you are from will help them get to know you. These games help you understand how your students communicate and also establish classroom rules in a light manner. Asking students how they want to do projects helps them to get involved.

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Here are a few easy tips from teachers:

A well organised, cheerful and appealing classroom helps students settle in without difficulty and at the same time creating an encouraging learning environment for your students – where you allow them to be calm and involved. Students will then be more open to actively participating in class.

When entering the classroom in the morning a schedule of the day helps students to attend classes on time, also it helps them to know what to expect through the day.

Display students work and accomplishments, this will make them feel more inspired. This should be a primary goal for all teachers since the lack of motivation is often the cause of disciplinary issues. Helping students to organise their work makes them improve and get a better understanding of what they are expected to do. Portraying students work is giving them praise for their achievements.

  • First thing in a lesson is to identify the learning objective for the lesson
  • Present the lesson plan
  • Choose and select correct equipment for the lesson, for example; print sheets for vocabulary mentioned in the lesson.
  • Create teaching learning activities for students and strategies to check students understanding.

State reasonable rules in your classroom, make them clear, brief such as: “Be Kind, Be Safe and Do Your Best”.

Classroom rules should be stated on the first day of class. When creating classroom rules you should consider the following:

  • Research your school’s code of manner
  • Avoid using negative grammar such as “don’t”
  • Clarify what will be done when the rules are broken

Also allow students to take part in classroom rules, they will be more likely to follow them, because they have created them.

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