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 Our Study abroad destination includes





New Zealand



We Provide Virtual and in person counseling sessions


At Intelligent Partners our study abroad education consultants will be available on Zoom and provide in person advise for study assistance and college admissions for student and parents in the MENA region; keeping in mind the corona-virus pandemic.

EXCELLENT Counseling with a great team of expert guides.

Meet our team of Education Consultants across the Middle East for study abroad options in various countries like:

Study in USA, Study in Canada, Study in UK, Study in Europe, Study in Ireland, Study in Germany, Study in Singapore, Study in Malaysia, Study in Australia & Study in New Zealand. 

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Why Intelligent Partners Is The Perfect Choice?


Leading Consultant in the Middle East

Intelligent Partners officially represents 700+ top universities across the globe.


Tailor made counseling services

Option of virtual and 1X1 session makes you a comfortable counseling session.


Experienced And Motivated Team

Our academic advisors help to turn your dreams and plans of studying abroad into a reality.

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