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Intelligent Partners Consultancy in Dubai is partnered with more than 700 top universities across the globe, affordable colleges in all countries and recognized higher education institutions.

As we are partnered with many universities we are able to organize application fee waivers and offer scholarships and bursaries for international and Indian students. 

Our Education Consultants help international students choose the best countries to study abroad, apply to universities and also avail of scholarships for international and Indian students. 

Our students go abroad to study Medicine, study Engineering, Hospitality, Health related careers, Business, Computer Science and IT, Psychology, MBA, Law, Art and Design related careers, Architecture, Mathematics, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Aviation, and many more degrees.

Working Process

Fly to your dream university!

Meet our team of Education Consultants across the Middle East for study abroad options in various countries like:

Study in USA, Study in Canada, Study in UK, Study in Europe, Study in Ireland, Study in Germany, Study in Singapore, Study in Malaysia, Study in Australia & Study in New Zealand.


Meet The Team

We combine our vast experience in the education industry and the latest technology available to help you make the most informed decision possible for your careers.

Client Review

The career counseling is aimed at anyone who wants to pursue their dream universities of their choice. Our career counselor provides you deep knowledge and better understanding of university application and university admission process. Jumpstart your international career with us!

Clarissa Wolman

"We have used overseas education consultants Intelligent Partners for our children to study abroad. Our daughter is going to study in Spain and our son his MBA in Germany.”

Lora Spielberg

"All my university applications to Australia and New Zealand were done with the college counselor at Intelligent Partners in Abu Dhabi. Thank you!”

Christopher Brown

"We are happy to recommend Intelligent Partners as the best study abroad education consultants Canada. The advice was spot on”

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