Question & Answers: Wedding Planner


Im in 11th grade, I have taken commerce without maths and accounts. And I have plans to become a wedding planner and would like to like to study in dubai for colleges. Please suggest good colleges and steps to persue this career.

Thanks you.


The role of a wedding planner involves the arrangement and full coordination of weddings including planning the theme, setting the budget and working with suppliers to ensure that everything is executed smoothly. The job is highly demanding and comes with a great degree of responsibility.

You need to be extremely creative, organized, flexible, detail-oriented, have the ability to handle stress and be willing to work long hours. It is also essential to be familiar with the different rituals and ceremonies associated with weddings in different religions/cultures.

Some students prefer to take up a full-time course in event management or hotel management where wedding management forms a component of the course. One such course is offered by the National Academy of Event Management and Development at Ahmedabad and Jaipur. The course combines classroom training, practical exposure and case studies and includes wedding planning along with modules on management of other events. In the US, wedding planner aspirants usually start by enrolling in an associate degree program in a broader topic such as event planning and later specialize in wedding planning through short-term courses that focus on this subject.

If you wish to study in Dubai, then the Wedding planning course at Canadian University of Dubai is your best bet. This professional training course offers interactive, hands-on experience in combination with classroom lessons through a 30-hour program. The degree program includes all aspects of wedding planning including themes, venues, budget, timelines and understanding of concepts and traditions.

EMDI Institute of Media and Communication in Dubai Knowledge Village also offers a 6-month part-time diploma in wedding planning. The course is divided into three components – Expat, Asian and Arabic weddings – incorporating practical sessions at various venues in the city apart from classroom lectures.

Many courses that focus on wedding planning are delivered online or in a blended format. This combines virtual classes with on-site events, meetings and practical assignments. For e.g. The International Institute of Event Management has a suite of online courses including a certificate program in Wedding Planning. Occasionz- one of the leading Asian wedding planners and event management specialists in the UK runs professional courses on Event and Wedding Planning titled – IWPP (International Wedding Planning Professional).

When choosing an online program it is important to evaluate the content and methodology of the course to ensure that the program is in line with your personal goals. Also, bear in mind that in this field it is experience which is extremely important. Take advantage of any opportunity to be involved in organizing an event or a wedding. You can start by working as an assistant wedding planner and this will help you garner the skills and experience you need to enhance your career. It will also help you build relationships with clients and vendors which is vital for success. In this rapidly changing and highly creative field it is important to keep yourself abreast with the latest trends through websites and magazines.

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