Question & Answers: Veterinary & General Medicine


I currently study in an ICSE school (Grade 9). I plan to take science with biology as I am interested in getting into veterinary medicine or general medicine (MBBS). In 11th grade, we also have an option to choose between psychology and mathematics. I would like to know which is a better choice for medicine and also which are the best colleges abroad for veterinary science. To pursue veterinary science, would you recommend USA, UK or Australia? To pursue medicine I have been told that India is the best choice but is there any good college in the UAE?


Both, veterinary medicine and general medicine are excellent choices that offer tremendous opportunities. These vocations are generally perceived to be demanding, arduous and stressful they have also been viewed as noble professions and are well-regarded and respected.

By choosing veterinary science as your career you are embarking on an exciting, demanding and an immensely fulfilling profession that is driven by your passion for the subject, compassion and an innate desire to help living beings. In the US, veterinary science is not available at the undergraduate level and admission at the master’s level is very competitive. You could choose to pursue this course either in the UK or Australia where you will be pursuing either a BVSc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science), BvetMed(Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine) or BVM&S(Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery). Most bachelor’s degrees are for five years and entry requirements are specific to universities. Generally biology is essential requirement for all of the courses and usually a combination of two subjects from chemistry, physics or math’s. Applicants with relevant vocational qualifications, such as a BTEC diploma in Animal Science with distinction or any equivalent qualification will also be considered. There are some special six-year programmes that allow candidates to enroll in the absence of a relevant high school certificates or vocational qualification. In a stream like this, it is not merely the academic qualifications but your passion for the subject that is equally, if not more, important. Universities look for evidence of commitment, adaptability, communication skills, being caring and approachable and organization skills to assess this.

As for choosing between Maths and Psychology, though Psychology may provide you with a well-rounded qualification, studying Math’s would satisfy the entry requirements for most universities and also help with improving your analytical skills and problem solving abilities.

For a medical degree, there are numerous options in India and overseas. To make the right choice among the multitude of options, it is advisable to assess factors such as location, curriculum, duration, facilities, faculty, internship opportunities, cost and other such criteria. Conduct a thorough research on universities and their course offerings before you decide. Most importantly satisfy yourself that the college is accredited by the appropriate authorities. I would suggest you do a psychometric test to match your skills with your interests and also discuss the various options with a professional college counselor.

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