Question & Answers: Under-Graduate Courses in US/UK


My 14 year daughter is in 9th Standard following CBSE syllabus. She is inclined to study archeology when goes in to an UG program. We need your advice on the stream she should follow after 10th Standard and would like to have information on courses and programs available mainly in US or UK/France based universities. Should she change her current school curriculum to suit her future plans? We have also heard of interesting career opportunities with Museums and artifacts. What is your advice on the same?


A subject that combines both the humanities and sciences, Archaeology provides a perfect platform for developing skill sets which can be used in other professions too. Students develop skills in problem solving, data analysis, logical and lateral thinking and public speaking etc, attributes valued by employers in any discipline.

We should also be aware that the subject can be studies in different ways – methodical approaches (as a subject be it science or art, marine archaeology, geo archaeology etc) or period or area of focus (African, Egypt, subcontinent etc). It is therefore important to identify your field of interest and the select courses accordingly.

Career in Archeology

In the UK there are nearly 50 universities that offer BA or BSc. in Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences or a joint honour’s degrees after three years of full time study. Some Universities offer a sandwich year and a few universities offer masters within four years. Many archeologists have either a master’s or PhD.

Biology, Chemistry and Math’s are recommended at A levels for a BSc in Archaeology in the UK. Universities in the US prefer students to have studied geography and history. Knowledge of ancient and modern languages will help. It is also desirable that she does a few summers doing internships at museums etc. You do not need to change her curriculum as CBSE is accepted in the UK and US. She may however need to do her SAT’s and TOEFL depending on the country of study.

While selecting universities you need to look for schools that operate their own archaeological digs and or offer opportunities in museums’ and should have state of the art laboratories. Faculty members and their of specialization need to be researched and see if the school she wants to study in offers the area of specialization that interests her.

Archaeologists work at museums’, universities, governments, private companies that conduct CRM investigations, engineering or environmental companies or as consultants. Many jobs would require a M.A or M.S or a Ph.D.

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