Question & Answers: Tissue & Regenerative Medicine


I am a grade 11 student studying in CBSE curriculum and have chosen science(phy,chem,math&bio) as my main subject.
Can you pls brief me on the scope of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.Pls list names of few prominent colleges in India and at world level offering the above mentioned course.what will be the specifications,duration of course etc?pls do mention the available career options after degree completion and remunerative aspects also.

Thanking you


Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, though a relatively young discipline, has evolved over the past decade into one of the most exciting and innovative fields of science today. The enormous potential of this science is not too far removed from the limb-regenerating adventure in the latest science fiction movie. This revolutionary discipline utilizes a combination of biology, engineering and medicine to aid in the healing and replacement of damaged or diseased tissue.

Tissue engineering usually falls under the broader discipline of Biomedical Engineering. Your first step in this field would be to pursue an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering.

With rapid advances in Medical research and technology, India is definitely one of the places you can consider for this course. The biomedical department in AIIMS is rated among the best in India. Another excellent option is Manipal Institute of Technology that offers both BE and MTech degrees in Biomedical Engineering. Banaras Hindu University, whose Biomedical Engineering department is one of the oldest in India, offers B.Tech.,M.Tech. and Ph.D. courses in Biomedical Engineering. Admissions into these programs usually involve a highly competitive entrance exam. IIT Kanpur also has a BTech in Biological Science and Bioengineering that is also available through the joint entrance exam conducted by the IITs.

In the UK, Brunel University and University of Glasgow are prominent names in this field. The US also holds great promise with universities such as Johns Hopkins University, University of California, San Diego and Georgia Institute of Technology at the forefront of research and education in this field. In the US, you also have opportunities to network and establish professional contacts through professional networks such as the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative or the Society for Biomaterials where tissue engineers can benefit from membership, education, career progress and opportunities to participate in the greater engineering community. In Australia, it is worth exploring the courses offered by UNSW’s Graduate school of Biomedical Engineering, which specializes in research programs in tissue engineering.

This multi-disciplinary field is also a rapidly growing area of research that has immense career potential, as populations get older. Career opportunities are usually in the fields of research and development, healthcare and education. From the creation of bionic limbs to better crop production, the achievements in tissue engineering reflect not just the wonders of innovative science but also provide great hope for the future.

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